Atmosphere #11 : 20/06/99 Pulsar:95,9      Dimanche:21h/23h
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  Artiste / groupe Titre Sorti sur
0 JOSE PADILLA Walking on air React
1 MADONNA Drowned world / Substitute for love Maverick
2 MASSIVE ATTACK Man next door Circa
3 DEPECHE MODE Photographic Mute
4 DEPECHE MODE I want you now (live USA'94) Mute
5 DEPECHE MODE Only when i lose myself (live Cologne'98) Mute
6 DEPECHE MODE Route 66 (Cover: The Troop) Mute
7 THE OTHER TWO Tasty fish London
8 MONACO Tender Polydor
9 LES RYTHMES DIGITALES Brothers Wall of sound
10 THE HERBALISER Who's the realest? Ninja tune
11 TELEPOPMUSIK Da hoola Catalogue
12 FUNKY PORCINI Rock it soul Ninja tune
13 LAURENT GARNIER Dance 2 the music (live Rex club'98) Fcom
14 ORBITAL Spare parts express FFRR
15 CHEMICAL BROTHERS The sunshine underground Freestyle dust
16 MONEY PENNY PROJECT Petit concert entre extra-terrestres Catalogue
17 STEVE REICH Drumming (remixed by Mantronik) Nonesuch
18 AUTECHRE Liccflii Warp
19 CHEMICAL BROTHERS Out of control Freestyle dust
20 CHEMICAL BROTHERS Life is sweet (remixed by Daft Punk) Junior boy's own
21 DAFT PUNK Teachers Virgin
22 NIGHTMARES ON WAX Les nuits Warp
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