Atmosphere #7 : 16/05/99 Pulsar:95,9      Dimanche:21h/23h
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  Artiste / groupe Titre Sorti sur
0 JOSE PADILLA Walking on air React
1 SUEDE Trash Nude
2 COCTEAU TWINS Carolyn's fingers 4AD
3 NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS Stranger than kindness Mute
4 NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS The ship song (Live Australia'92) Mute
5 NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS Into my arms Mute
6 PJ HARVEY Angelene Island
7 SING SING Feels like summer ?
8 THE CARDIGANS Erase / Rewind Stokholm records
9 DEPECHE MODE Enjoy the silence (Live Cologne 06/10/98) Mute
10 CORNERSHOP Sleep on the left side (remixed by Les Rythmes digitales) Wiiija
11 LES RYTHMES DIGITALES Hey you (what's that sound?) Wall of sound
12 THE HERBALISER Sensual woman Ninja tune
13 SPORTO KANTES Fx Le village vert
14 LLORCA Expectations Fcom
16 THE HERBALISER Goldrush Ninja tune
17 COSMO VITELLI On veut faire de moi de la viande hachée Solid
18 JOHNNY L Wish u had something Delabel
19 PURITY Pollen Tommy boy
20 DJ Q Delirious  
21 STARDUST Music sounds better with u (remixed by Dimitri) Roulé
22 DAVE CLARKE Southside  
23 LAURENT GARNIER Sweet mellow d Fcom
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