Atmosphere #499 27/11/2011 T+S

artist track release label year tag
1 Scratch Massive Break Away Nuit de rêve Pschent 2011
2 The Field Looping state of mind Looping state of mind Kompakt 2011
3 Baobinga and Kowton Proper Baobinga and co's "Joint Venture" Build 2011
4 Vessel Cuba Wax Dance A Future Without 2011
5 Time Wharp GRN GRN EP 2011
6 Martyn Horror Vacui Ghost People Brainfeeder 2011
7 Dom & Roland Flux The Big Bang Dom & Roland Productions 2011
8 Motion Sickness of Time Travel Moons Through a Telescope A Disembodied Voice In the Darkness (Cassette) Teosinte 2011 samplecover
9 Thomas Brinkmann Diamonds, Fur coat, Champagne V/a Blast First Petite Alan Vega 70th Blast First Petite 2010 samplecover
10 Suicide Diamonds, Fur coat, Champagne Second Album Island 1980 classics
11 Propaganda P-machinery A Secret Wish ZTT 1985 classics
12 Mr Projectile Lulwample Pug Times Toytronic 2001 classics
13 Pierre Bastien Sinétic Santic Musiques Paralloïdres Lowlands 1999 classics
14 Marshall Jefferson The Cow (is already waiting) Animal EP KTM 1997 classics
15 Prosumer & Murat Tepeli Makes me wanna dance Serenity Ostgut Ton 2008 classics
16 Teste The Wipe (5am Synaptic) The Wipe EP Probe 1992 classics
17 Deru Soulik Pushing Air Neo Ouija 2003 classics
18 Robert Lippok Sugarcubes Redsuperstructure Raster-Noton 2011
19 Kraftwerk The Robots The man machine Kling Klang 1978 classics
20 Kate Wax Holy Beast Dust Collision Border Community 2011
21 Xeno and Oaklander The staircase Sets and Lights Wierd 2011
22 Telex Moskow Diskow Looking for saint tropez RKM 1979 classics
23 Jean-Jacques Perrey E.V.A. E.V.A. BGP 1976 classics
24 Sugarhill Gang Rapper's delight Sugarhill Gang Sugar Hill 1979 classics
25 Hashim Al naafiysh Al naafiysh EP Cutting records 1983 classics
26 Bvdub Fall Resistance Is Beautiful Darla 2011