Atmosphere #509 26/02//2012 T

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 Leila In Motion Slow U&I Warp 2012

2 Steinvord Iyff Acid E1 Steinvord EP Rephlex 2012

3 Kirk Degiorgio Divine logic (main mix) Divine Logic Rush Hour 2012

4 Bow Arrow Glitter Σ Of An Aftermath 2012
5 Nicolette Single Minded People School Of The World / Single Minded People EP Shut Up And Dance Records 1990 classics+sample
6 George Kranz Din Daa Daa Din Daa Daa EP Pool 1983 classics+sample
7 SQ1 Can You Feel... (Original) Can You Feel... EP Kontor Records 1999 classics
8 Nitro Deluxe Let's get brutal Let's get brutal EP Cutting records 1986 classics
9 A Certain Ratio Shack up Shack Up Factory 1980 classics
10 Savath+Savalas Paths In Soft Focus Rolls & Waves EP Hefty Records 2002 classics
11 Lali Puna Scary World Theory Scary World Theory Morr Music 2001 classics
12 Kyoka Ish Ununpentium ish Raster-noton 2012

13 Nettle Duende Bin Scrape Laden Soot 2001 classics
14 Machinedrum Nastyfuckk Nastyfuckk EP The index 2012

15 Doomcloud Good mourning Doomcloud 2011

16 Danton Eeprom Attila Yes Is More Infiné 2009

17 Oppenheimer analysis The devil's dancers New Mexico self-released 1982 classics Reissue Minimal Wave 2005
18 Team Doyobi Hope strafe df0 bad Skam 2002 classics
19 Shifted Phases Flux The Cosmic Memoirs Of The Late Great Rupert J. Rosinthrope Tresor 2002 classics Drexciya
20 Vainqueur Lyot (Maurizio mix) Lyot EP Maurizio 1992 classics
21 Bodo Eisel Discount Baby (Hal 9000 Remix) Discount Baby EP Playhouse 1999 classics
22 Moodyman Dem Young Sconies Dem Young Sconies / Bosconi EP Planet E 1997 classics
23 Doctor Rockit Tape Measure D For Doctor Clear 1996 classics
24 Soul Circuit Wewho VA Electric Tones : Jukebox Electric Tones 2001 classics
25 Demdike Stare Ishmael's Intent Elemental Iris Modern Love 2012