Atmosphere #510 11/03//2012 T&S

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 The Hacker Mind games Magical voyage Tigersushi Periculum 2012

2 VCMG Single Blip (Matthew Johnson Remix) EP2 / Single Blip Mute 2012

3 Vampire Slayer Creepy Monkey Dumb Death selfreleased 2012 chiptune CC-nc-nd
4 Monolake Foreign object Ghosts Monolake Imbalance 2012

5 Scuba Dsy Chn Personality Hotflush Recordings 2012

6 Richard Devine Plonked Spectral RiSP Detroit Underground 2012

7 Lazyitis Super Morrissey Bros Super Morrissey Bros selfreleased 2012 chiptune+sample/cover soundcloud
8 The Smiths This Charming Man This Charming Man EP Rough Trade 1983 sample/cover
9 T++ Cropped Wireless Honest Jon's Records 2010

10 Danton Eeprom Oddbassliner Prohibition EP Virgo music 2005 Danton Eeprom
11 Danton Eeprom Disko Trash Disko Trash EP Lectroluv 2006 Danton Eeprom
12 Danton Eeprom Wings of death (repack) Wings Of Death EP Infiné 2006 Danton Eeprom
13 Danton Eeprom To the bone (original mix) To the Bone EP Tsuba Records 2008 Danton Eeprom
14 Danton Eeprom Danton's Bug Ostalgie E.P. Change Records 2008 Danton Eeprom
15 Au Revoir Simone Sad song (danton eeprom's lost 80's hit remix) The Bird Of Music Moshi Moshi Records 2007 Danton Eeprom
16 Danton Eeprom The feminine man (feat. Chloé) Yes is more Infiné 2009 Danton Eeprom
17 Danton Eeprom Attila Yes is more Infiné 2009 Danton Eeprom
18 Arlen Longday Murderbiscuit EP Eerik inpuj sound 2011 chiptune CC
19 Cheapshot Chigu zOMG!! 8Bitpeoples 2011 chiptune
20 b4kn bonus-troll 2 (my first lsdj) Treasure Map Ubuktune 2012 chiptune
21 J3ST3Rx Space Pod and Me Pixel City Night selfreleased 2011 chiptune
22 hrmnzr Intense Cloudy selfreleased 2011 chiptune
23 Damo Deep blue VA Seven 8bitpeoples / YM Rockerz 2011 chiptune CC
24 Knife City ♥<3E>hearts Magfest Sucky EP selfreleased 2012 chiptune
25 0xA Winter solstice expr~ GOSUB10 2011 chiptune
26 Muta Chipped Runner King Deluxe 2011 chiptune+tapis
27 Demdike Stare Falling Off The Edge Elemental - Rose Modern Love 2012 tapis