Atmosphere #514 08/04//2012 T&S

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 Martyn Hello Darkness Hello Darkness EP Brainfeeder 2012

2 Lapalux Gone When you're gone EP Brainfeeder 2012

3 2562 Jerash hekwerken Air Jordan EP When In Doubt 2012

4 Legowelt Moves For CeeCee Moves For CeeCee EP Clone Store Only Series 2011

5 Kiko Zuub Zuub EP Signature By Kiko 2012

6 ASC Magnetic Boundary Scan Perc Trax 2012

7 Mr. Oizo Gay Dentists Lambs Anger Ed Banger Records 2008

8 Hamilton Bohannon Let's start the dance Summertime Groove Mercury 1978

9 Mr. Oizo Klum #1 EP F Communications 1997 Mr. Oizo
10 Squarepusher & Edrec Present Shobaleader One Cryptic Motion (Mr Oizo Remix) Cryptic Motion EP Ed Banger Records 2010 Mr. Oizo
11 Mr. Oizo Yves V/a Ed Rec Vol. III Ed Banger Records 2008 Mr. Oizo
12 Sebastien Tellier & Mr. Oizo Chivers as a female Steak Soundtrack Ed Banger Records 2007 Mr. Oizo
13 Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Augé Sheila Rubber Soundtrack Ed Banger Records 2011 Mr. Oizo
14 Mr Oizo M-seq M-seq EP F Com-PIAS 1998 Mr. Oizo+tapis
15 NRSB-11 685-471 2 NRSB-11 WéMè 2012

16 Gedankenexperiment Conclusion Experiment Defined Wémè 2011
Beta Evers & Heinrich Müller
17 Thieves Like Us Lasers Coming Back Berlin Alex selfreleased 2007
réédition LP 2012
18 Mr Oizo 1$44 Stunt EP F Communications 2004 Mr. Oizo
19 Mr Oizo Analog worms attack Analog worms attack EP F Communications 1999 Mr. Oizo
20 Ark Le magicien d'os (Mr Oizo Remix) Le magicien d'os EP Brif records 2001 Mr. Oizo
21 Mr Oizo Transsexual Patrick 122 / Transsexual EP Ed Banger 2007 Mr. Oizo
22 Mr Oizo Tweeter trouble M-seq EP F Communications 1998 Mr. Oizo
23 Mr Oizo Half a scissor Moustache (Half A Scissor) F Communications 2005 Mr. Oizo
24 Mr Oizo Oral Sax Stade 2 Ed Banger/Because 2011 Mr. Oizo
25 Matt Lange Testarossa Altered Tensions IsoRhythm 2012

26 Bvdub My skies cry your name The First Day Home Normal 2012