Atmosphere #516 22/04//2012 T&S

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 Photek + Pinch M25FM Acid Reign / M25FM EP Photek Productions 2012

2 Kap Bambino Trapping Devotion Because 2012 presi2012 Trapping / devotion
3 Katerine Le 20.04.2005 Robots après tout Barclay 2005 tapis+presi2012 Marine le Pen
4 Lone Vulcan Mill Acid Crystal Caverns 1991 EP R & S Records 2012

5 Mr Oizo France7 Stade 2 Ed Banger-Because 2011 presi2012 France7
6 -=uhu=- This Is Revolution Ultra sound melodies Transient Force 2009 presi2012 This Is Revolution
7 Komarken Electronics Avoid society VA Global surveyor remixes Dominance 2010 presi2012 Avoid society
8 Deru Basically fuck you Say Goodbye To Useless Mush 2010 presi2012 Basically fuck you
9 com.a Kiss My Ass, Goodbye Coming Of Age Tigerbeat6 2007 presi2012 Kiss My Ass, Goodbye
10 Gel: Narcissisme & Paranoia Dolce Plop 2003 presi2012 Narcissisme & Paranoia
11 Polestar A person of the past End Of An Era Boltfish Recordings 2010 presi2012 A person of the past
12 The Durutti Column Goodbye Someone Else's Party Artful Records 2003 presi2012 Goodbye
13 Neon Pulse Sick day Field Recordings From The Heart Station Sangoplasmo 2011 presi2012 Sick day
14 Celer Tightrope Tightrope Low Point 2012 presi2012 Tightrope
15 Jean-Philippe Renoult La Minute de silence de : Hollande > Sarkozy > Le Pen > Mélenchon > Bayrou > Joly > Dupont-Aignan > Poutou
2012 presi2012 Hollande > Sarkozy > Le Pen > Mélenchon > Bayrou > Joly > Dupont-Aignan > Poutou
16 Machinefabriek Blue > Red > Brown Colour Tones Fang Bomb 2012 presi2012 Red > Blue > Brown
17 Bob James Nautilus Nautilus / Take Me To The Mardi Gras EP Castle Music 2001 Sample
18 Addison Groove It's Got Me It's Got Me / Minutes Of Funk EP 3024 2011 Sample
19 Addison Groove Dance of the women (ft Mark Pritchard) Transistor Rhythm Fifty Weapons 2012

20 Futurecop! Dreams The Movie OST Kiez Beats 2012 presi2012 Dreams
21 Destructo La Funky (feat. Oliver) Technology EP BNR Trax 2012 presi2012 Destructo
22 Florence Analogue expressions Dominion New electronica 1993 presi2012 Analogue expressions
23 Felix Kubin Total No.2 TXRF It's 2012

24 Headgear Believers Goodbye V/a Groovetechnology v1.3 Groovetech Records 2002 presi2012 Believers Goodbye
25 Posthuman Violence presidential Posthuman Seed 2000 presi2012 Violence presidential
26 Electric Soul Stereotype Stereotype EP Electrofunk Records 2004 presi2012 Stereotype
27 Jeff Mills Suspense Suspense / Dramatized EP Axis 2005 presi2012 Suspense
28 Hardfloor Reverbarate Opinion Two Decades Of Hardfloor Hardfloor 2011 presi2012 Reverbarate Opinion
29 Felix Kubin Commerce exterieur mondial sentimentale Axolotl Lullabies Oral 2007 presi2012 Commerce exterieur mondial sentimentale
30 Bal Paré Palais d'Amour VA Wierd presents Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics Vol.1 Angular Recording Corporation 2010 presi2012 Palais d'Amour
31 McCarthy And Tomorrow The Stock Exchange Will Be The Human Race Banking, Violence And The Inner Life Today Midnight Music 1990 presi2012 And Tomorrow The Stock Exchange Will Be The Human Race