Atmosphere #517 29/04//2012 T (+S)

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 Mouse On Mars Polaroyced Parastrophics Monkeytown 2012

2 Posthuman Genetic coder Nebula Acroplane 2012

3 Stingray313 Street theatre Misinformation campaign TRUST 2011

4 Carl Craig Televised Green Smoke More songs about food and revolutionary art Planet E 1997 classics
5 Rhythm and Sound with Tikiman Never tell you Never tell you Burial mix 1996 classics
6 Asonat On The Other Side Love In Times Of Repetition n5MD 2012

7 Rocketnumbernine Steel Drummer Lone Raver Soul Jazz 2011

8 Lonnie Liston Smith Shadows Expansions RCA 1975 classics+sampler-cover
9 Roni Size It's a jazz thing Size Of Things To Come V Recordings 1994 classics+sampler-cover
10 Scanner Two fingers making circles Scanner Ash International 1993 classics
11 Laurent Garnier Dance 2 The Music Club Traxx EP F Communications 1995 classics
12 Sylvie Marks & Hal 9000 Mad Zen Bad Woman Meets Zen On The Street EP BPitch Control 2002 classics
13 David Alvarado Klugh Klugh EP Ovum 1999 classics
14 Spirit Catcher Harmonize Night Vision 20:20 Vision 2007 classics
15 Slag Boom Van Loon Spc-Ch-Pn So Soon Planet Mu 2001 classics
16 Jeunesse Fantome L'ingenue VA Forward+Rewind The Future Echo Tapes aufnahme+wiedergabe 2012

17 Dots (Atom Heart) Spinout segment Dots Rather Interesting 1994 classics Atom Heart
18 Atom TM Streuung teil i Winterreise Raster-Noton 2012

19 Fenn'O'Berg Concrete Onions 24 Nov 2010 Kyoto CLub Metro In Hell Editions Mego 2012

20 Fenn'O'Berg Escape from hamburg The magic sound of Fenn O'Berg Mego 1999 classics
21 Jim O'Rourke Tacere Fas (Recorded 93-94) Old News #7 Editions Mego 2012