Atmosphere #522 10/6/2012 T+S

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 Shit Robot Teenage Bass Teenage Bass EP DFA 2012

2 BD1982 Bqe at 3 am Iron Trees EP B.YRSLF division 2012

3 DMX Krew East Side Boogie East Side Boogie EP Voltaire 2012

4 DMX Krew Small noizes Got you on my mind Dance Arena Productions 1994 first time
5 Das Muster Abgrenzung Feldexperiment Transient Force 2012

6 Jacque Polynice Brother Darkness V/a Beta Bodega Coalition 2K12 Schematic 2012

7 Cayos & Takeshi Muto High Altitude Low Opening V/a Beta Bodega Coalition 2K12 Schematic 2012

8 Pete Namlook & Material Object Cartesian, Part III Elektronik II Fax +49-69/450464 2012

9 Lothar and the Hand people It Comes On AnyHow Presenting...Lothar And The Hand People Capitol 1968 sampleur-samplé
10 Chemical Brothers It Doesn't Matter Dig Your Own Hole
1997 sampleur-samplé
11 Interr-Ference Vs Sulphur Surfer Track 02 Car Tracks Bunker 1994 first time
12 Cyrus Enforcement (Recall) Enforcement EP Basic Channel 1993 first time Moritz von Oswald, Mark Ernestus
13 Scion Emerge0 Emerge EP Chain Reaction 1995 first time
14 H&M Sleepchamber Tranquilizer EP Axis 1991 first time Jeff Mills, Robert Hood
15 H&M 88 Tranquilizer EP Axis 1991 first time+tapis Jeff Mills, Robert Hood
16 FUSE UVA Dimension Intrusion Plus8 1993 first time
17 Sabres Of Paradise Smokebelch II [Entry] Smokebelch II EP Sabres Of Paradise 1993 first time weatherall
18 Drexciya Unknown Journey II Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller II Clone Classic Cuts 2012
previously unreleased
19 Glass Domain hiccups Glass Domain Pornophonic sound 1991 first time
20 X-Ray Untitled (B2) Let's go EP Transmat 1986 first time
21 Flextone (Atom Heart) Instant replay Flextone Rather Interesting 1994 first time
22 Monsters from ID The Cybershopper Bit Logic EP Signal 1999 first time
23 The Future Sound of London River Delta Environments 4 Jumpin' & Pumpin' 2012