Atmosphere #523 17/6/2012 S (+T)

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 Mano Le Tough Mountains Mountains EP Permanent Vacation 2102

2 Ryan Davis Where The Right Things Are Particles Of Bliss Traum Schallplatten 2012

3 Djorvin Clain Somewhere Pattern Of Thought Silent Season 2012

4 Bass Clef Embrace disaster Reeling Skullways Punch Drunk 2012

5 LA Vampires By Octo Octa Freedom 2K Freedom 2K 100% Silk 2012

6 Orbital Chime Chime Oh'Zone 1989 classics version edit 45t, toute première fois
7 The Traveller A100 A100 EP Ostgut Ton 2012 classics
8 Laurel Halo Carcass Quarantine Hyperdub 2012 classics
9 John Carpenter The president at the train Escape From New York Varèse Sarabande 1981 classics
10 Jestofunk Can We Live Love In A Black Dimension Irma 1992 classics
11 Deepside French Tolerance EP Fnac Music Dance Division 1993 classics
12 Fuse Mantrax Dimension Intrusion Plus8 1993 first time+classics
13 Deetron Mr Smooth Twisted Music Man 2006 classics
14 X-ray Let's go (Mayday mix) Let's go EP Transmat 1986 first time+classics
15 Tortoise Galapagos 1 (Spring Heel Jack Remix) Rivers EP Thrill Jockey 1996 classics
16 Pentatonik Movements pt 2 Anthology Deviant Records 1994

17 Adult. Dispassionate furniture (im sitting in) Dispassionate furniture EP Ersatz audio 1998 classics toute première fois duo Adult.
18 Monolake Cyan I Cyan Chain reaction 1996 classics toute première fois Monolake
19 µ-ziq Within a sound In Pine Effect Planet Mu 1995 classics
20 Dntel Still Aimlessness Pampa 2012

21 Farmers Manual Farmers manual No Backup Mego 1996 classics
22 Tangerine Dream Movements of a visionary Phaedra Virgin 1974 classics