Atmosphere #527 9/9/2012 S+T

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 John Tejada Stabilizer The Predicting Machine Kompakt 2012

2 Maetrik Poem Unleash The Beast EP Ellum Audio 2012

3 Liz & Laszlo Rien a Paris Rien à paris Wierd 2012

4 Led Er Est Arab tide The Diver Sacred Bones 2012

5 Blawan Breathe Them Knees In Long Distance Open Water Worker EP Black Sun 2012

6 Blawan Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage His He She & She EP Hinge Finger 2012

7 Polysick DCO2 Polysick-SFVacid split EP Swishcotheque 2010

8 SFVacid GIRLZ Polysick-SFVacid split EP Swishcotheque 2010

9 Submersible Machines When whales fall Submersible Machines Lunar Disko 2010

10 Dj Sneak Move your butt Essential Sneak Vol.3 EP Robsoul Recordings 2010

11 This ain't Chicago Ride the Rhythm (acid not placid) Ride The Rhythm EP Club 1988

12 Return Of The Living Acid Twin dub VA This Ain't Chicago: The Underground Sound Of Uk House & Acid 1987-1991 Strut 2012

13 Juan Telway Teen Vogue Teen Vogue Schematic 2012

14 Nguzunguzu Warm Pulse Warm Pulse EP Hippos In Tanks 2012

15 Amedeo Tommasi Space War Grandangolo Cenacolo 1981

16 Four Tet Peace for Earth Pink Text 2012

17 Ishq Night sky dreaming Deep Space Objects Virtual 2012

18 Pye Corner Audio Electronic Rhythm Number One Black Mill Tapes Volume 3 All Pathways Open Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services 2012

19 Biosphere The 3rd planet Compilation 1991​-​2004 Biophon 2012