Atmosphere #528 16/9/2012 S+T

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 Shed VIOMF!/The Filler The Killer 50Weapons 2012 50Weapons
2 Addison Groove Melody Maker Adventures In Rainbow Country EP 50Weapons 2012 50Weapons
3 Automatic Tasty Beannach Mhor Strange Terrain EP Lunar Disko 2012 Alden Tyrell masterised by Alden Tyrell
4 Murphy Jax feat. Mike Dunn It's the music (Alden Tyrell remix) It's The Music EP Clone Jack For Daze Series 2010 Alden Tyrell Alden Tyrell remix
5 Rrose x Bob Ostertag Shadow Pocket [Variation One] Motormouth Variations Sandwell District 2011 Rrose
6 Rrose A, With All Faces Bleached Out Artificial Light (1969-1909) Sandwell District 2012 Rrose
7 Untold Kane Change in a dynamic environment EP 3 Hemlock 2012 Untold/Hemlock
8 Untold Luminous Change in a dynamic environment EP 1 Hemlock 2012 Untold/Hemlock
9 John Barry Capsule In Space You Only Live Twice (Original Movie Soundtrack) United Artists Records 1967 cover
10 Ceephax Acid Crew Capsule In Space Capsule In Space / Mediterranean Acid EP Waltzer 2012 cover
11 Anne-James Chaton with Alva Noto and Andy Moor Chapitre iii- preparatifs Decade Raster-Noton 2012 Anne-James Chaton/Alva Noto/Raster Noton
12 Alva Noto u 07 (feat. Anne-James Chaton) Unitxt Raster-Noton 2008 Anne-James Chaton/Alva Noto/Raster Noton
13 Roberto Bosco In my head Biosphere EP Minimalsoul 2010 Roberto Bosco
14 Roberto Bosco Login Exact Login Exact EP Mowar 2009 Roberto Bosco
15 Daniel Menche Guts 2x4 Guts Editions Mego 2012 Editions Mego
16 KTL Phill_1 V Editions Mego 2012 Editions Mego
17 Robert Hood The Exodos Motor: Nighttime World 3 Music Man 2012 Robert Hood