Atmosphere #529 23/9/2012 S+T

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 Martial Canterel Empire Empire EP Xanten 2012

2 Lescop La Forêt La Forêt EP Pop Noire 2012

3 La Californie Dance flo Ok Cool EP M2o Solutions 2012

4 Team Doyobi Definition Digital Music Volume 1 Skam 2012

5 Al Tourettes Swan sketch Swan Sketch EP Baselogic 2012

6 H&M Drama (upstage decision) Drama Axis 1993 tapis+Robert Hood Robert Hood+Jeff Mills
7 Missing Channel Onslaught (Decision 1) Onslaught EP Hardwax 1991 Robert Hood Robert Hood+Claude Young
8 Dr Kevorkian Aftermath (Option 2) Suicide Machine EP Hardwax 1992 Robert Hood
9 X-101 Sonic Destroyer X-101 EP Underground Resistance 1991 Robert Hood Robert Hood+Jeff Mills+Mike Banks
10 The Vision Perpetual Motion Gyroscopic EP Underground Resistance 1991 Robert Hood
11 Orgue Electronique Real rainforest Strange paradise Crème Organization 2012

12 Betek U funking confuse me part 2 U funking confuse me Balans 2011

13 Fort Romeau Theo Kingdoms 100% Silk 2012

14 Yellow Magic Orchestra Technopolis Solid State Survivor Alfa 1979 Robert Hood+cover
15 Robert Hood Rhythm Minimal Nation Axis 1994 Robert Hood+cover
16 H&M Sleepchamber Tranquilizer EP Axis 1991 Robert Hood Robert Hood+Jeff Mills
17 Robert Hood Nighttime world Nighttime World Volume 1 Cheap 1995 Robert Hood
18 The Vision Liquification Waveform transmission 2 Tresor 1993 Robert Hood
19 X-103 The gardens Thera EP Axis 1992 Robert Hood Robert Hood+Jeff Mills
20 Floorplan On The Case On The Case-The Deal Duet 2001 Robert Hood
21 Floorplan Rock Burner Drama 1999 Robert Hood
22 Robert Hood Home Internal empire Tresor 1994 Robert Hood
23 Robert Hood Minus Internal Empire Tresor 1994 Robert Hood
24 Robert Hood The First night Sophisticcato EP Duet 1999 Robert Hood
25 Robert Hood The Greatest dancer The Greatest Dancer EP M-Plant 2001 Robert Hood
26 Robert Hood Outlast Technatural EP M-Plant 2000 Robert Hood
27 Robert Hood Stark Reality Nighttime World Volume 1 Cheap 1995 Robert Hood