Atmosphere #531 7/10/2012 S+T

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 Ultraísta Strange formula (David Lynch remix) Strange Formula EP Temporary Residence Limited 2012
David Lynch
2 David Lynch Pinky's Dream (Trentemøller Remix) Pinky's Dream EP Sunday Best 2012
David Lynch
3 Kid606 Step into the light you fucking idiot Lost In The Game Shanshui 2012

4 Kid606 Whereweleftoff Ps i love you Mille_Plateaux 2000

5 Kid606 Lsdmtb303 Lsdmtb303 Tigerbeat6 2012

6 Deadbeat Punta De Choros Eight BLKRTZ 2012

7 Ricardo Villalobos Samma Dependent And Happy Perlon 2012

8 Vaextxh List of Lists Libet Tones Detroit Underground 2012

9 Atom_TM Gauss_sche_landaufnahme_teil_I Winterreise Raster-Noton 2012

10 Pleasure Discipline For Hours Now (Remix) VA Flying Mix 4 Zanza 1984
'Lectric Workers
11 Yuji Imamura & Air Air Part I Air Three Blind Mice 1977 guest+guemo
12 Speed limit Breeze Borealis Speed limit RCA 1975 guest+guemo
13 Roland Young Velvet dreams Isophonic Boogie Woogie Flow Chart 1980 guest+guemo
14 The Muffins Angle dance 185 Random Radar 1981 guest+guemo
15 Ilitch Larsen Lumpen 10 Suicides Scopa Invisible 1980 guest+guemo
16 N. AE. Fatum Katharsis Polskie Nagrania Muza 1975 guest+guemo
17 Cecil Leuter Pop Electronique No. 9 Pop Electronique Neuilly 1969 guest+guemo Roger Roger
18 Stringtronics Méditerranée Mindbender Peer International Library Limited 1972 guest+guemo Roger Roger
19 Michel Risse Bleu d'Ys VA Dix-Sept Musiques Pour Le Bar Bleu Celluloid 1982 guest+guemo
20 Para One Naissance Des Pieuvres Naissance Des Pieuvres Institubes 2007 guest+guemo
21 Sylvain Chauveau E/R S. Type 2002 guest+guemo
22 Chicago Underground Duo Access and Elightenment Axis And Alignment Thrill Jockey 2002 guest+guemo
23 Misel Quitno Pull it out somewhen Sleep Over Pieces Vol. 1 Everest 2007 guest+guemo
24 Teebs Red Curbs Loop (All I Dream About) Collections Brainfeeder 2011 guest+guemo