Atmosphere #532 14/10/2012 S+T

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 Luke Abbott Carrage Modern Driveway EP Notown 2012

2 Nathan Fake Neketona Steam Days Border Community 2012 Nathan Fake
3 Vessel Plane curves Order Of Noise Tri Angle 2012

4 Clatterbox Beat em up Autofire Ricochet 2012 Clatterbox
5 I.B.M. Invisible force Invisible forceEP Stack N Tilt 2012

6 Kid Machine Night freaks (vocal) Replicants EP Viewlexx 2012

7 Kane Ikin In The Shadow Of The Vanishing Night Sublunar 12K 2012

8 Wake Bye Bye Baby Oakland Blackouts EP Proximal 2012

9 Norken + Deer 3cielo Simplified Micro Donjuan Hydrogen Dukebox 2012

10 Al Tourettes Habit 7 Habit inventing EP Sneaker Social Club 2012

11 Altered Natives Nona Clotho The Fates EP Bosconi 2012

12 s w z k The Last Drop s w z k Tresor 2012

13 Peter Van Hoesen Rapture's Coming Perceiver Time To Express 2012

14 Wishmountain Dairy Milk Tesco Accidental 2012

15 Ricardo Donoso Shadow Aspect Assimilating The Shadow Digitalis 2012

16 Atom TM interview avec Atmosphere interview en direct des studios de Pulsar/Atmosphere / 2012 guest+Uwe Schmidt+interview Uwe Schmidt 60 minutes interview