Atmosphere #533 21/10/2012 S+T

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 Chris Randall Improvisarional 2 An Existing Paradigm EP self-released 2012
2 Darius Velour Velour Shiny Disco Club 2012

3 Clatterbox Semi-automatic Semi-Automatic TRUST 2012 Clatterbox
4 Morphology Neural network The Exaltics meets Morphology EP Solar One Music 2012

5 The exaltics My language The Exaltics meets Gosub EP Solar One Music 2012

6 Teslasonic Room 207 V/A Urbi et Orbi iii MinimalRome 2012

7 Mexican Institute Of Sound Tipo Raro Politico Chusma 2012

8 Global Goon Grayed garden Pop Spectrum self-released 2012
9 Lescop Ljubljana Lescop Pop Noire 2012

10 Hologram Prometheus Rising Skyrunner Schematic 2012

11 Carpenters Merry Christmas Darling 7" single A&M 2012 Nathan Fake
12 Nathan Fake Xmas Rush Tributes Michael Smith /with Dj Koze Pampa 2010 Nathan Fake
13 Nathan Fake Outhouse (Main Mix) Outhouse EP Border Community 2003 Nathan Fake
14 Nathan Fake Adamedge Watlington Street EP Saw Recordings 2004 Nathan Fake
15 Nathan Fake Falmer Drowning In A Sea Of Love Border Community 2006 Nathan Fake
16 Nathan Fake Bumblechord Drowning In A Sea Of Love Border Community 2006 Nathan Fake
17 Shocking Pinks Dressed To Please (Nathan Fake Remix) Emily EP DFA 2008 Nathan Fake
18 Nathan Fake Glow Hole Steam Days Border Community 2012 Nathan Fake
19 Clatterbox Sann Sann Clatterbox Clear 1995 Clatterbox
20 Clatterbox Bad' Means Good Clatterbox Clear 1995 Clatterbox
21 Clatterbox Robotic funk attack Clatterbeats Vol.2 Clear 1996 Clatterbox
22 Clatterbox Allegro Metamatics and Clatterbox "Project Unison" Neo Ouija 2000 Clatterbox
23 Clatterbox Press on Destination london Cheap 2007 Clatterbox
24 Willits + Sakamoto Reticent Reminiscence Ancient Future Ghostly International 2012

25 Clatterbox Control freak Control freak EP Touchin Bass 2006 Clatterbox
26 Clatterbox Science fraction Solar phase EP Z-Bop 2004 Clatterbox
27 Clatterbox Force field Sentinel EP Z-Bop 2010 Clatterbox
28 Clatterbox Rosetta complex Storm drain EP Trust 2007 Clatterbox
29 Clatterbox Desolate void Desolate void EP Frustrated Funk 2011 tapis+Clatterbox