Atmosphere #534 28/10/2012 S+T

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 Photek Signals KU:PALM Photek Productions 2012

2 Plant 43 Neon Dreams Of The Sentient City EP Semantica 2012

3 Baby Kruger Selkiyeah Selkie Schematic 2012

4 Roel Funcken Fliquid Low Mercury Retrograde Schematic 2012

5 Shadow Huntaz Trenches Corrupt data Skam 2004 classics
6 Vangelis O. Papathanassiou Let It Happen Earth Vertigo 1973 cover
7 Lindstrøm and Solale Let It Happen (Vocal Mix) Let It Happen (LateNightTales) Azuli 2007 cover
8 Photocall Flying Tiger Of Love Flying Tiger Of Love EP Photocall Music 2012

9 VC-118a Eha Information system Trust 2012

10 Ice-T Colors V/a Colors - Original Movie Soundtrack Warner Bros 1988 classics
11 Sterac Asphyx Asphyx EP 100% Pure 1995 classics+Nathan Fake
12 Nathan Fake The Sky Was Pink (J. Holden Remix) The Sky Was Pink EP Border Community 2004 classics
13 Sven Väth Scorpio's Movement Fusion EP Virgin 1997 classics
14 Unit Moebius Duplovision Untitled - Bunker 04 EP Bunker 1993 classics
15 Richard H Kirk The Feeling (Of Warmth & Beauty) Virtual State Warp 1994 classics Cabaret Voltaire
16 Tobias Hellkvist Donors Everything Is Connected Home Normal 2012

17 Luke Slater Freek Funk Freek Funk NovaMute 1997 classics
18 Risque iii Risque madness Essence Of A Dream Stride 1987 classics
19 LB (Atom Heart) Superbad (James Brown cover) Pop Artificielle KK 1998 classics
20 Senor Coconut Diarios clave (rumba funk) El gran baile Rather Interesting 1997 classics Uwe Schmidt
21 Bomb the Bass Lost your soul Rare & Unreleased self-released 2012
22 Automatic Tasty Field In The Afternoon Fieldwork EP Lunar Disko 2012