Atmosphere #535 4/11/2012 S+T

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 Daniel Stefanik Keep On (Version II) Feat.Cassy Confidence Cocoon 2012

2 Daniel Stefanik Confidence Confidence Cocoon 2012

3 Andy Stott Luxury problems Luxury problems Modern Love 2012

4 Father Finger Separation Anxiety Father Finger EP Not Not Fun 2012

5 Xosar Tropical Cruize Tropical Cruize EP L.I.E.S. (Long Island Electrical Systems) 2012 sample
6 Flora Purim Open Your Eyes You Can Fly Open Your Eyes You Can Fly Milestone 1976 sample
7 Bomb The Bass Bug Powder Dust Clear 4th & Broadway 1995

8 Bomb The Bass Beat Dis (Extended Dis) Beat Dis EP Mister-Ron 1987

9 Bomb The Bass Dune Buggy Attack 1991 Unknown Territory Rhythm King 1991

10 Depeche Mode Strangelove (Highjack Mix) Strangelove EP Mute 1988

11 Bomb The Bass Don't Make Me Wait Into The Dragon Rhythm King 1988

12 Bomb The Bass The Infinites Feat.Paul Conboy Back To Light Studio !K7 2010

13 Ddamage Vs Bomb The Bass Fuzzbox feat. Jon Spencer Aeroplanes Module 2010

14 Meat Beat Manifesto Microphone Test Test EP Flexidisc 2012

15 Grischa Lichtenberger 0811 09 Re 0611 29 Lv 1b And. IV Raster-Noton 2012

16 Automatic Tasty Big bad Sine Language Acroplane 2008 Automatic Tasty
17 Automatic Tasty K-Hole Big Like Plastic Net Lab 2009 Automatic Tasty
18 Automatic Tasty A world of moving and connected parts Speech and Silence Wil-Ru 2012 Automatic Tasty K7
19 Automatic Tasty Field In The Morning Fieldwork EP Lunar Disko 2012 Automatic Tasty
20 Automatic Tasty To the moon and back In it for the money Lunar Disko 2010 Automatic Tasty
21 Automatic Tasty Malware World wide web Acroplane 2010 Automatic Tasty
22 Buzz Picasso See you sioux Demo tape 1985 80s gems
23 Loscil Container Ships Sketches From New Brighton Kranky 2012

24 Dj Spooky Oceanic Ice Music self-produced 2012

25 Cory Allen & Steinbr├╝chel Seam 05 Seam Quiet Design 2012