Atmosphere #541 16/12/2012 S+T

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 Paul Kalkbrenner Trümmerung Guten Tag Paul Kalkbrenner Musik 2012

2 Madben We want to rave on We want to rave on EP Astropolis records 2012

3 Container Acclimator LP Spectrum Spools 2012

4 Lucy Milgram experiment Banality of evil EP Stroboscopic Artefacts 2012

5 Chevel Thoughts Collision Apply Within Enklav 2012

6 Rubin Steiner The Popunderstanding Discipline In Anarchy Platonum 2012

7 Zombie Zombie Watch The World From A Plane Rituels D’Un Nouveau Monde Versatile 2012

8 New Order The Beach Blue Monday EP Factory 1983

9 Zombie Zombie The Beach V/a Power, Corruption & Lies Covered Mojo 2012

10 Shackleton It Is Not Easy Music For The Quiet Hour+The Drawbar Organ EPs Woe To The Septic Heart 2012

11 Lee Gamble Skorokhodz Dutch tvashar plumes Pan 2012

12 Raime Exist in the repeat of practice Quarter turns over a living line Blackest Ever Black 2012

13 Thomas Tilly & Jean-Luc Guionnet Close, Bells, Architectural Remains Stones Air Axioms Circum Disc 2012

14 Fairmont Tiny Diamonds Automaton My Favorite Robot 2012

15 Kirk Degiorgio Machine Theme Ben Sims & Kirk Degiorgio "Machine Theme" EP Machine 2012

16 Markus Suckut False Markus Suckut/Mark Broom split EP Edit Select 2012

17 Regis Baptism (extended version) Death head said DN 2012

18 Answer Code Request The host The host EP Marcel Dettmann 2012

19 Bvdub Unity Serenity Darla 2012

20 Richard Chartier Recurrence (series) Recurrence Line 2012

21 John Wall & Mark Durgan Untitled 04 139 Entr'acte 2012