Atmosphere #552 25/3/2013 (S)+T

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 µ-ziq Green Lanes Somerset Avenue Tracks (1992-1995) Planet Mu 2013

2 µ-ziq Caesium Tango 'n' vectif Rephlex 1993 classics
3 Wanda Group Slow Down Your Blood split EP Wanda Group/Ekoplekz Further 2012

4 Cut Hands Black mamba Black mamba EP Blackest Ever Black 2012

5 Celer Motionless at Lake Underhere [extract] Epicentral Examples of the More or Less Future Sequence 2012

6 DJ Stingray 313 Room clearance F.T.N.W.O. Wémè 2012

7 Urban Tribe Sophistry The collapse of modern culture Mo'Wax 1998 classics
8 Bochum welt Feelings on a screen Feelings on a screen EP Rephlex 1997 classics
9 Giorgio Moroder From Here To Eternity From Here To Eternity Oasis 1977 classics
10 Model 500 Off To Battle Sound Of Stereo / Off To Battle EP Metroplex 1987 classics
11 Tipper Oversteer Holding Pattern Fuel 2001 classics
12 Scan X Wasteland Chroma F Communications 1996 classics
13 Murcof Ulysses Utopía Leaf 2004 classics
14 Unit Ring Worm The Narcoleptic Symphony Caipirinha 2005 classics
15 JK Flesh Obedient Automaton JK Flesh & Prurient "Worship Is the Cleansing of the Imagination" Hydra Head 2013

16 Vatican Shadow Boxes Were Wired To Batteries Then Loaded Into A Brown Toyota Cargo Truck Ornamented walls Modern love 2012

17 FeroX Critter Gargoyles EP Black Acre 2013

18 Martyn Oceania Newspeak EP Dolly Dubs 2013

19 Technasia Descent Themes From A Neon City Technasia 1997 classics
20 Jeff Mills Alarms Steampit EP Purpose Maker 1997 classics
21 Heiko Laux ReTelevised (Lucy Remix) ReTelevised ReVision EP Thema 2013

22 Planetary Assault Systems Function 4 (Lucy Remix 2) Function 4 remixes episode 2 Mote-Evolver 2012

23 Alien Rain Alienated 2A Alien rain 2 Alien rain 2012