Atmosphere #557 19/5/2013 T+S

artist track release label year tag commentaire
1 Djrum Obsession Seven Lies 2nd Drop 2013

2 Miles Lebensform Faint Hearted Modern Love 2013 Miles Whittaker
3 Kangding Ray Ezerb Altren Tempered Inmid Stroboscopic Artefacts 2013

4 Adventure Catching Up Weird Work Carpark 2013

5 Suum Cuique Red Binary Midden Young Americans 2010 Miles Whittaker
6 PCB Delay Offset Deft EP Meanwhile 2009 Miles Whittaker
7 Millie & Andrea Gunshot (Stripped) Black Hammer / Gunshot (Stripped) EP Daphne 2008 Miles Whittaker
8 Pendle Coven MVO Chamber Self Assessment Modern Love 2009 Miles Whittaker
9 Daughter Of The Industrial Revolution Little Did You Know About The Coming Storm Path of least resistance Ono 2008 Miles Whittaker
10 Demdike Stare and Hype Williams Demdike Stare Meets Shangaan Electro Meets Shangaan Electro Honest Jon 2012 Miles Whittaker
11 Demdike Stare Erosion Of Mediocrity Elemental - Part 3 - Rose Modern Love 2012 Miles Whittaker
12 Pendle Coven Stuart's Triumph Trig point EP Modern Love 2004 Miles Whittaker
13 L-Vis 1990 Circuits Circuits EP Clone Jack For Daze Series 2013

14 Versalife Emphasis Vantage Point Clone West Coast Series 2013

15 Conforce Last Anthem Time Dilation EP Delsin 2013

16 MLZ Onestate Newanaloguecentury Modern Love 2008 Miles Whittaker
17 Slant Azymuth Intervision 1 Slant Azymuth Pre-Cert Home Entertainment 2012 Miles Whittaker Demdike Stare+Andy Votel