Atmosphere #583 26/01/2014 S+(T)

1 Thomas Muller & Ellen Allien Delta Zoo (Thomas Muller Edit Free Nation EP BPitch Control 2013

2 Function Against the wall (Rrose remix) Remixes EP Ostgut Ton 2013

3 Albinos Photosynthesis Ritual House Vol.2 Antinote 2013

4 Vakula Evening Breeze Bandura002 Bandura 2013

5 Drexciya Unknown Journey VII Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller IV Clone Classic Cuts 2013

6 Cybotron Clear Enter Fantasy 1983 classics Richard Davis + Juan Atkins
7 Reese & Santonio Forcefield Bounce Your Body To The Box EP KMS 1988 classics Kevin Saunderson + Santonio Echols
8 Rhythim is Rhythim Beyond the dance (cult mix) Beyond the dance EP Transmat 1989 classics Derrick May
9 Carl Craig A wonderful life (version) Landcruising Blanco y Negro 1995 classics
10 Senking Tiefenstop Capsize Recovery Raster-Noton 2013

11 Last Days Expecting Miracles Satellite N5MD 2013

12 Batillus Concrete (Andy Stott Remix) Concrete (Andy Stott Remix) EP Modern Love 2013

13 Jurriaan Andriessen Hardware-Software Hardware Software Park 1978 classics
14 Captain Rock The Return Of Capt. Rock The Return Of Capt. Rock NIA Records 1983 classics
15 Maurice This is acid This Is Acid Vendetta 1988 classics
16 Teulé Drink on me Drink On Me Profile 1990 classics Kerri Chandler
17 Phunky Data Mainstream Fashion Or Not? Edel 1998 classics Cajmere
18 Green Velvet Thoughts Constant Chaos Music Man 1999 classics
19 Daft Punk Alive The New Wave EP Soma 1994 classics
20 Jean-Jacques Perrey La Gavotte Des Vers Luisants Mister Ondioline Pacific 1960 classics
21 A Made Up Sound After Hours After Hours / What Preset EP A made up sound 2013

22 Tohuwabohu 0AFRM1 Tohuwabohu Nonplace 2013

23 Four Tet Twenty Three Pause Domino 2001 classics
24 Mogwai The Lord Is Out Of Control Rave Tapes Rock Action 2014

d/jyu countingthestars

Kassel Jaeger Fernweh II, extrait Fernweh Senufo edition 2012 satellite+dj/yu

Pierre Redon, Edmond Carrère Eaux#2 felletin Marches sonores Éditons mf dehors/quartier rouge/les soeurs grées 2010 satellite+dj/yu

Mathias Delplanque Ru Chutes Baskaru 2013 satellite+dj/yu

Ultralibéral Think tank V/A Batterie faible Radio Radio Sonorités & 4ninabis 2009 satellite+dj/yu

Tickula9 Honora droplet
Tickula9 self released 2002 satellite+dj/yu

Dscrd Combinat Monad XII Stroboscopic artefacts 2012 satellite+dj/yu

Kink Gong Chinese remix Remix Series Box : Cambodia, China, Laos, Vietnam, Xinjiang PPT/Stembogen 2012 satellite+dj/yu

Matthew Collings Routine Splintered instruments Fluid audio 2013 satellite+dj/yu

Nicolas Bernier Cructacés remix V/A Marées de hauteurs diverses Insubordinations 2011 satellite+dj/yu

Kane Ikin Europa Sublunar 12k 2012 satellite+dj/yu

Robert Hampson & Sébastien Roux vertical 1 V/A Music For Death From Circles To Square Optical sound 2013 satellite+dj/yu

Peter Greenaway, Michael Nyman Drowning by numbers Drowning by numbers
1988 satellite+dj/yu