Atmosphere #610 12/10/2014 S+T

1 Dusty Kid Vorozehn Dregs Vol.1 Skryptom 2014

2 anD The Jellyfish Kundalini EP Electric Deluxe 2014

3 Ueno Masaaki Supersolid_state Vortices Raster-Noton 2014

4 Lee Gamble Voxel City Spirals KOCH Pan 2014

5 FIS Speech Spirits Speech Spirits Loopy 2014

6 RRose Drowned by sight V/a Five Years of Stroboscopic Artefacts Stroboscopic Artefacts 2014

7 RRose Pentagons Eating The Other EP Eaux 2014

8 Cheap and Deep Productions Time Stops (Ectomorph Remix) Time Stops EP Modular Cowboy 2014

9 Marco_Bernardi Emotional wreck Emotional wreck EP Brokntoys 2014

10 Unknown Mortal Orchestra Puttin' It Down Blue Record Jagjaguwar 2013 guest+st placid
11 Can Future days Future Days United Artists Records 1973 guest+st placid
12 L'ocelle Mare Serpentement V Serpentement Les Potagers Natures 2012 guest+st placid
13 TM404 303/303/303/303 TM404 Kontra-Musik 2013 guest+st placid
14 Donato Dozzy & Tin Man Test 3 Acid Test 09 Acid Test 2014 guest+st placid
15 Fabric Containers A Sort Of Radiance Spectrum Spools 2001 guest+st placid
16 Stanislav Tolkachev Depth Of Light Depth of Light EP Mrec 2013 guest+st placid
17 Shackleton Silverkeys Freezing Opening Thawing EP Woe To The Septic Heart! 2014 guest+st placid
18 Terrence Dixon Emergency Rüts 1/3 Meakusma 2008 guest+st placid
19 Voices from the lake Respiro (Live Edit) Velo Di Maya EP The Bunker New York 2014 guest+st placid
20 Mike Parker Mnajdra (Shifted remix) V/A GPH19 Geophone 2013 guest+st placid
21 Reynold Over There (Donato Dozzy Mix) My Favorite Film, Remixed Persona 2006 guest+st placid
22 Max Loderbauer Eleg #2 Transparenz Non Standard Production 2013 guest+st placid
23 Lego Feet Part 4 SKA001LP Skam 2012 guest+st placid
24 FIS Love, Drama, Stress Duckdive EP Samurai Horo 2012 guest+st placid

Henri Chopin Sauvagerie V/A Erratum #1 Erratum 1997 satellite+gilles ivain

Basic Channel Mutism BCD Basic Channel 1995 satellite+gilles ivain

Eliane Radigue Stress-Osaka Feedback works Alga Marghen 2012 satellite+gilles ivain Stress-Osaka (1970)

Cheap and Deep Alala one Time stops EP Modular cowboy 2013 satellite+gilles ivain

Takaaki Itoh Slicer Slicer / spacer EP Wols 2012 satellite+gilles ivain

Ryuji Takeuchi Geradeaus Constancy EP HueHelix 2013 satellite+gilles ivain

Go Hiyama Defector Arc00 EP HueHelix 2012 satellite+gilles ivain

Tomohiko Sagae DSPS1 Sleep Deprivation EP HueHelix 2013 satellite+gilles ivain

Eigenes Rezept Numb Numb EP Blind Spot Music 2011 satellite+gilles ivain

Virgil Enzinger & Ryuji Takeuchi No Matter Where No matter what i.cntrl 2011 satellite+gilles ivain

Eigenes Rezept Villian Best out of thirty Sick Weird Rough 2012 satellite+gilles ivain

Tomohiko Sagae Endurance Authentic pew Black Series 003 2013 satellite+gilles ivain

Zavoloka Inhale Viter EP Kvitnu 2007 satellite+gilles ivain

Caterina Barbieri Polaris

2013 satellite+gilles ivain

Yoshihiro Hanno Dub 9 Modules.+ PROGRESSIVE FOrM 2002 satellite+gilles ivain

Tomoko Sauvage Amniotic Life 1 Ombrophilia and/OAR 2009 satellite+gilles ivain

Aka Boyiwa (Chant De Déploration Sur Le Cadavre) Centrafrique Anthologie De La Musique Des Pygmées Aka
1978 satellite+gilles ivain