Atmosphere #615 23/11/2014 S+T+DJ Souplesse

1 Recondite Garbo Iffy Innervisions 2014
2 Shinichi Atobe Free Access zone 5 Butterfly Effect Demdike Stare 2014
3 Hieroglyphic Being and the Configurative or Modular Me Trio Space Is The Place The Seer Of Cosmic Visions Planet Mu 2014
4 Steve Summers Anhedonia Untitled EP Russian Torrent Versions 2014
5 Hieroglyphic Being Acid rain under the stars (extended replay) Acid rain under the stars Last Known Trajectory 2014
6 Deadbeat And Paul St Hilaire Working Every Day The Infinity Dub Sessions BLKRTZ 2014
7 Zeitgeber Totemism V - 5 Years Of Artefacts Chapter Two Stroboscopic Artefacts 2014
8 Poborsk Gradient Scene Gradient scene Bedroom Research 2014
9 Actress Corner Ghettoville Werk Discs 2014 guest+dj souplesse
10 Miles Rejoice Faint Hearted Modern Love 2013 guest+dj souplesse
11 Downliners Sekt Silent Ascent Silent Ascent Infiné 2014 guest+dj souplesse
12 Efdemin Ohara Decay Dial 2014 guest+dj souplesse
13 O/H Delirium Tremens V/a Sulla Giostra Nell'Ombra Violet Poison 2014 guest+dj souplesse
14 Dead Fader Ja Scorched Small But Hard Records 2014 guest+dj souplesse
15 Ital Tek Pins cYCLiCAL Planet Mu 2008 guest+dj souplesse
16 Andy Stott How It Was Faith In Strangers Modern Love 2014 guest+dj souplesse
17 Ucture Harry Is Playing In My Room Bwata E.P Ambivalence 2004 guest+dj souplesse
18 Mou Ars On Putza Tock Baby V/a The Noodles Foundation Presents: The Death Of Cool Part 2 Leaf 2001 guest+dj souplesse
19 Kode 9 & The Spaceape Victims Memories Of The Future Hyperdub 2006 guest+dj souplesse
20 Machinedrum Neuljack Fenris District Ninja Tube 2014 guest+dj souplesse
21 Miles Lebensform Faint Hearted Modern Love 2013 guest+dj souplesse
22 Echologist Down The Rabbit Hole Storming Heaven Prologue 2013 guest+dj souplesse
23 Candie Hank Swimming Rabbit Demons Shitkatapult 2014 guest+dj souplesse

Anne Wellmer Peepers Plastic Spoon Various - A Quiet Position - Screened #1 Engraved Glass 2014 satellite+jajard

Valerio Tricoli La distanza Miseri Lares Pan 2014 satellite+jajard

Jason Lescalleet & Kevin Drumm Boatswain's Call The Abyss Erstwhile 2014 satellite+jajard

Anne Guthrie Branching Low and Spreading Codiaeum Variegatum Students Of Decay 2014 satellite+jajard

Thomas Tilly In the ground Script Geometry Aposiopèse 2014 satellite+jajard

Phill Niblock A Cage Of Stars Touch Five Touch 2013 satellite+jajard