Atmosphere #620 11/01/2015 S+T

1 Cylob Turnsinto The Quantum Loonyverse Cylob Industries 2015

2 In Aeternam Vale Animals Don't Mind Gnd Lift Minimal Wave 2014

3 An-I Rut Gutz EP Cititrax 2014

4 ACI_EDITS #01 /\\04 EP /\\Aught 2014

5 Antoni Maiovvi Cold Confession Monoceroticism EP Flight Recorder 2014

6 Tin Man Hot Juice Acid Acid Global A Records 2005

7 Tin Man Blown V/a Forward To The Past 2: The Acid Flashback Poker Flat 2011

8 Cassegrain & Tin Man Carnal Carnal EP KillKill 2012

9 Tin Man Hack Underdog EP Pt2 Pomelo 2013

10 Tin Man Manifesto Acid Neo Neo Acid Absurd Recordings 2012

11 Donato Dozzy & Tin Man Test 3 Acid Test 09 Absurd Recordings 2014

12 Gunnar Haslam Corridor Metaphysics Ataxia No Logos Delsin 2014

13 Kassem Mosse Untitled A2 Workshop 19 Workshop 2014

14 Move D Inside The Dollhouse The KM20 Tapes Volume 2 (1992 -1996) Off Minor 2014

15 Antoni Maiovvi Tokyo ultra funk Electro muscle cult Seed 2008

16 Antoni Maiovvi Hot biology (instrumental) Hot Biology EP Slime 2010

17 Antoni Maiovvi The Variable Man The Divine Invasion EP Sauroid 2011

18 Antoni Maiovvi Horsehead blue The thorns of love Caravan 2010

19 Antoni Maiovvi Trauma (original mix) [bordello a parigi holland] Trauma EP Bordello A Parigi 2014

20 Antoni Maiovvi Skin Yellow Original Music From The Short Film Death Waltz 2013

Al Dobson Jr Tomorrow Sounds from the Village Vol.1 Izwid 2014

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia
La Flûte de Hariprasad Chaurasia Disques espérance 1976 satellite+albinos feat. Zamir Ahmad Khan & Joanne Foresta

Albinos Ayurvada beat (Unreleased)


Curtis Mayfield We the people who are darker than blue Curtis Curtom 1970 satellite+albinos

Lone Begin to begin Airglow Fires EP R & S 2013 satellite+albinos

Donnie and Joe Emerson Baby Dreamin' Wild Enterprise & Co. 1979 satellite+albinos

A.r.t. Wilson Overworld Overworld Growing bin 2014 satellite+albinos

Albinos Morning sun
Astral soda

Andras Fox Midnight mover Erskine Falls Home loan 2013 satellite+albinos

The Meters Just kissed my baby Rejuvenation Reprise 1974 satellite+albinos

Al Dobson Jr Dunza blues Sounds from the Village Vol.1 Izwid 2014 satellite+albinos

Donny Hathaway The ghetto Live ATCO 1972 satellite+albinos