Atmosphere #670 20/03/2016 S+T

1 Surgeon Inside From Farthest Known Objects Dynamic Tension 2016

2 Donatto Dozzy Quadra Sette Squadra Quadra EP The Bunker New York 2016

3 Zuli Zuli Bionic Ahmed EP Uiq 2016

4 N1L N1L Wrong Headspace EP Uiq 2015

5 Jire C Temple Zang EP No Pain In Pop 2016

6 Alis Asp V/a Cambiare Opal Tapes 2014

7 Son Of Extravert Them Social Zombies Opal Tapes 2015

8 Patricia Hadal Zone Bem Inventory Opal Tapes 2015

9 Dj Ford Foster Stings Function Trax Vol. 2 Opal Tapes 2012

10 L.Neils Menagerie Puzzle Box Black Opal 2016

11 Xosar Watching Waiting Wanting Let Go Black Opal 2015

12 Patricia Jospehine Body Issues Opal Tapes 2013

13 Tuff Sherm & PMM Mere wicca The pagan cinema Opal Tapes 2012

14 1991 High-Tech Cold-Life High-Tech High-Life Opal Tapes / Boomkat Editions 2012
15 Kaumwald Léthé Hantasive EP Opal Tapes 2014

16 Wanda Group A13 Absorber V/A Cold Holiday Opal Tapes 2012

17 Stefan Jós 03 Austin Cesear & Stefan Jós Opal Tapes 2014

18 Basic House Perishing I'm Not A Heaven Man Opal Tapes 2012

19 Ex-Con El Perseguidor Manual De Força I Tàctica Opal Tapes 2012

20 Nikolai Dust The Symbols And The Signs Opal Tapes 2013

21 Skee Mask Shady Jibbin' Shred Ilian Tape 2016

22 Synkro Memories of Love Transient EP ‎ Apollo 2016

Anodyne Goodbye is never enough Corrosion Psychonavigation 2010 satellite+samotham

Gunnar Haslam Infinite And Cyclical Lebesgue Measure L.I.E.S. 2016 satellite+samotham

Best Available Technology Stone Glance Running to You Working Nights 2016 satellite+samotham

Basic House Dull Moon Prostitutes & Basic House "Mirror & Gate Vol 1" Opal Tapes / Blowing Up The Workshop 2013 satellite+samotham

Body Boys Leg Growth window Opal Tapes 2013 satellite+samotham

Gabriel Saloman Contained battle Ascend Movement Building Vol. II Shelter Press 2015 satellite+samotham

Karen Gwyer Hippie fracca Kiki the wormhole Opal Tapes 2013 satellite+samotham

Michael Vallera Distance Distance Opal Tapes 2015 satellite+samotham

OOBE SFTCR I SFTCR Opal Tapes 2013 satellite+samotham

Shapednoise Black Cells Until human voices wake us Opal Tapes 2013 satellite+samotham

Holovr II Lunar lake Opal Tapes 2013 satellite+samotham