Atmosphere #684 26/06/2016 S+T

1 Warren Raww Gringos Tropicanas Ross EP Narural Sciences 2016

2 Floorplan The Heavens & The Earth Victorious M-Plant 2016

3 Paul Woolford Mother & Child Mother & Child EP Hotflush 2016

4 John Tejada Lakewood Drive Lakewood Drive EP Kompakt 2016

5 Asok The Killing Game Show A Mind Forever Voyaging Crème Organization 2016

6 Oscar Mulero Second Skin (Architectural digital bonus remix) Second Skin EP Pole Recordings 2016

7 Plaid Melifer The Digging Remedy Warp 2016

8 Belarisk Cyraxi Quarx'th (Ve Nims III) Moments In Shapeshifting Type 2016

9 Confetti's The Sound Of C (Version 3) The Sound Of C EP USA import 1988 classics
10 Lords of Acid I Sit on Acid I Sit on Acid EP Kaos Dance 1988 classics
11 Edwards and Armani Desert silence Again EP Dance Opera 1991 classics
12 Dilemma Erase your mind Erase your mind EP Mackenzie 1990 classics
13 Quadrophonia Quadrophonia Quadrophonia EP Streetbeats 1990 classics
14 John and Julie Circles (Vicious mix) Circles (round and round) EP XL 1991 classics Tricky Disco
15 Second Phase Mentasm Mentasm EP R&S 1991 classics Joey Beltram
16 X-101 Sonic destroyer Sonic destroyer EP Underground Resistance 1991 classics Robert Hood+Jeff Mills+Mike Banks
17 Captain Rapp Bad Times (I Can't Stand It) Bad Times (I Can't Stand It) EP Saturn 1983 classics
18 Renegade Soundwave The Phantom (It's In There) The Phantom (It's In There) EP Mute 2001 classics
19 Kenny "Jammin" Jason With "Fast" Eddie Smith Can U Dance Can U Dance EP D.J. International 1987 classics
20 Rickster Night Moves (Radio Mix) Night Moves EP Sound Pak 1988 classics
21 Hot Streak Body Work (Vocal) Body Work EP Easy Street 1983 classics
22 Huerco S. On The Embankment For Those of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) Proibito 2016

23 Dimitri Mazurov Gyre Rudiments Psychonavigation 2016

24 Der Zyklus Optical distortion Renormalon WéMè 2016

25 Heinrich Dressel Tumbling Pots Down The Pats Mons Testaceum Mannequin 2016

26 Deepbass RT Campello Informa 2016

Hans de back Chakra 1 Singing Bowl | Chakra Meditation Binkey Kok Oriental Arts 1992 satellite+stéphane duval

Pantha Du prince & the Bell Laboratory Quantum Elements of Light Rough Trade 2012 satellite+stéphane duval

Autechre Oneum Elseq 1-5 Warp 2016 satellite+stéphane duval

Peter Christopherson Part 4 Time Machines II Threshold House 2014 satellite+stéphane duval

Coil presents Black Light District Red skeletons A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room Eskaton 1996 satellite+stéphane duval

Cabaret Voltaire Seconds to late The Original sounds of Sheffield Virgin 2001 satellite+stéphane duval

Hazard Fibre test Wood Ash International 2009 satellite+stéphane duval

Current 93 Only shadows of Hooks Live at Bar Malodor Mi Mort 2005 satellite+stéphane duval

Bauhaus Swing the heartache The sky is gone out Beggars Banquet 1982 satellite+stéphane duval

Biosphere Hyperborea Substrata Origo Sound 1997 satellite+stéphane duval

Deafheaven Windows Sunbather Deathwish Inc 2013 satellite+stéphane duval

Sky Ferreira [Ft. Blood Orange] Everything Is Embarrassing Ghost EP Capitol 2012 satellite+stéphane duval

Phoenix Bankrupt Bankrupt Loyauté 2013 satellite+stéphane duval

Laibach Wirtschaft is tot Kapital (MC version) Mute 1992 satellite+stéphane duval

The Glove Perfect murder Blue Sunshine Wonderland 1983 satellite+stéphane duval

H.P. Lovecraft extract La couleur tombée du ciel France Culture 2013 satellite+stéphane duval