Atmosphere #710 04/03/2017 T(+S)

1 Second Woman I E-P E P Spectrum Spools 2017

2 Acid Work C=299,792,458 m-s 0.14ns C-299-792-458 m/s Acid Work Self-released 2017

3 Sun Hammer Excel Drone Mahamudra Full Spectrum 2016

4 Second Storey Critters Spin Cycle EP Nervous Horizon 2016

5 Jesse Osborne Lanthier Blackwell dynonetics Unalloyed Unlicensed All Night Raster-Noton 2017

6 Clarian & Guy Gerber Claire Chemical Gardens EP Visionquest 2013 clarian
7 Clarian Siren's call Castaway EP Natura Sonoris 2015 clarian
8 Clarian Space Noir Mission To Bars EP Kompakt 2015 clarian
9 Clarian Surfer Moon Derail the reptile Revolution EP Culprit 2016 clarian
10 Clarian Old Miami Ankh EP Kompakt 2017 clarian
11 Elektro Guzzi Schmone Parade EP Denovali 2016

12 Elektro Guzzi Coda Clones Macro 2016

13 Allison Chanic Painlessly In Love Painlessly In Love Bedouin 2014 bedouin
14 Imaginary Forces Council Flat Shift Work EP Bedouin 2015 bedouin
15 Bintus Mandate Atmos Reincarnated Savage EP Bedouin 2016 bedouin
16 Eomac Ascension Bedouin Trax Bedouin 2016 bedouin
17 Healing Force Project Saturation System Entheogenic Spore EP Bedouin 2015 bedouin
18 John Heckle Alexandria Tributes To A Sun God EP Bedouin 2016 bedouin
19 Hieroglyphic Being & The Truth Theory Trio The Hall of Two Truths-i128 The 42 Laws of Maat EP Bedouin 2016 bedouin
20 Imugem Orihasam It Ain't Assertion When Only What They Have Scope To Make It Must Understand Before Contradict EP Bedouin 2014 bedouin
21 Ryo Murakami They know Esto Bedouin 2016 bedouin
22 Constantine Divide Hades Bedouin 2017 bedouin
23 Traxman Poppin' Shit Tekliving Bedouin 2015 bedouin
24 Krust The Pleiadian Adventure Side A The Pleiadian Adventure Bedouin 2014 bedouin+tapis
25 MNLTH LOVID Trax EP Wémè 2017

26 In Aeternam Vale Clobenzorex Pink Flamingos Dement3d 2016

27 Ryuichi Sakamoto Plankton [excerpts] Plankton Milan 2017 satellite+intro

Noise Tape Self Cassette loop Noise Tape Self Further 2015 satellite+nebulo

Yves De Mey Ostia Drawn With Shadow Pens Spectrum Spools 2016 satellite+nebulo

Queen Kopetzky Sarab Horsenames Fort Evil Fruit 2016 satellite+nebulo

Abul Mogar Drooping off Abul Mogar VCO 2012 satellite+nebulo

Levantiss Jamaïcan greek style Romantic Psychology 1 Technicolour 2015 satellite+nebulo

Ssaliva Scope We never happened Ekster 2017 satellite+nebulo

Tim Hecker Bikie dream Love streams 4AD 2016 satellite+nebulo

Nicolas Ratti W6 Pressure Loss Where to now? 2016 satellite+nebulo

Aaron Dilloway Labyrinths & jokes Modern Jester Hanson 2012 satellite+nebulo

Nebulo Shook Zellige Phinery Tapes 2016 satellite+nebulo

Huerco S Promises of fertility For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) Proibito 2016 satellite+nebulo

Popol Vuh Aguirre 1 Aguirre PDU 1975 satellite+nebulo produced in 1972 (Movie soundtrack)

Queen Kopetzky Zukkra Horsenames Fort Evil Fruit 2016 satellite+nebulo

James Place Overcast and burned Living On Superstition Umor Rex 2015 satellite+nebulo

Steve Roden Voices warp A Minute Is Actually An Immense Space Of Time The Level Of Vulnerability 2016 satellite+nebulo

The Caretaker Lacunar amnesia Persistent Repetition Of Phrases History Always Favours The Winners 2009 satellite+nebulo

Nebulo Tombolarene part B Zellige Phinery Tapes 2016 satellite+nebulo

Yves Tumor Perdition Serpent Music PAN 2016 satellite+nebulo