Atmosphere #713 26/03/2017 S+T

1 Differ-ent Fasten 8 Shun It's Good To Be Differ-Ent Don't Be Afraid 2017

2 Device Control Pit Dynamics Device Control EP L.I.E.S 2016

3 ITPDWIP Blinded By The Light Eye Can See The Light (In The End Of The Tunnel) EP Lobster Theremin 2017

4 Don't DJ Pornoire Musique Acephale Berceuse Heroique 2016

5 Drvg Cvltvre The Past Is A Bridge To Nowhere Dead Eyes See No Future New York Haunted 2016

6 Flintstones Party Race (rap version) Party Race EP Metroplex 1987 1987+flashback
7 Iceman Ja Mega Jon's Bass (Vocal) Mega Jon's Bass EP 4 Sight 1987 1987+flashback
8 Dynamix II Just Give The D.J. A Break (Vocal) Just Give The D.J. A Break EP Bass Station 1987 1987+flashback
9 Blake Baxter When We Used To Play When We Used To Play EP KMS 1987 1987+flashback
10 Depeche Mode Behind the wheel (Beastmasters remix) Behind the Wheel EP Mute 1987 1987+flashback
11 House Hustlers Show U How To Jack (Jack Your Body/Rock Your Body) Show U How To Jack EP Cooltempo 1987 1987+flashback
12 Suburban Knight The Groove (hot mix) The Groove EP Transmat 1987 1987+flashback
13 Audio Tech I'm your audio tech I'm Your Audio Tech EP Express 1987 1987+flashback
14 M/A/R/R/S Pump up the volume Pump up the Volume EP 4AD 1987 1987+flashback
15 Phuture Acid tracks Acid tracks EP Trax 1987 1987+flashback
16 Armando Land of confusion (confusion mix) Land of confusion Westbrook 1987 1987+flashback
17 Tyree Acid Over Acid over EP Underground 1987 1987+flashback
18 Risqué III Risque madness Essence of a dream Stride Records Inc 1987 1987+flashback
19 Rhythim Is Rhythim Strings of life Juans Magic mix Strings of life EP Transmat 1987 1987+flashback
20 Nitzer Ebb Murderous That Total Age Mute 1987 1987+flashback
21 Arbeid Adelt! Death Disco Disco Death EP P.I.A.S. 1987 1987+flashback Danielle Schoovaerts, Jan Vanroelen, Luc Van Acker, Marcel Vanthilt, Willy Lambregt
22 Chris and Cosey Obsession Obsession EP Nettwerk 1987 1987+flashback
23 Muslimgauze Chatila Jazirat-Ul-Arab Limited Editions 1987 1987+flashback
24 Electronic Division Wypij To Electronic Division Polskie Nagrania Muza 1987 1987+flashback
25 Steve Reich Electric counterpoint (fast) Electric counterpoint Nonesuch 1987 1987+flashback
26 Depeche Mode Cover Me (Alt Out) Spirit Columbia 2017

Juliana Hatfield Silly Goof Kerouac Kicks joy Darkness 1997 satellite+Alex Winberg

Gordon Hempton Cricket Thunder

satellite+Alex Winberg

Sussan Deihim & Richard Horowitz Desert equations

1986 satellite+Alex Winberg

Blamstrain Diacedita Disfold Sending Orbs 2006 satellite+Alex Winberg

Edgar Varese Poème électronique Music Of Edgar Varèse CBS 1958 satellite+Alex Winberg

Barn Owl Visions in the dust Ancestral Star Thrill Jockey 2010 satellite+Alex Winberg

Aaron Martin & Leonardo Rosado And the consciousness that all silence is violent In the dead of night when everything is asleep Fluid Audio 2016 satellite+Alex Winberg

Carter Burwell Bismarck, North Dakota Fargo OST TVT Soundtrax 1996 satellite+Alex Winberg

Rebecca Dale Dale: Winter Voces8 Winter 2016 satellite+Alex Winberg

Jeremy Soule Peaceful Waters Morrowind OST Bethesda Softworks 2002 satellite+Alex Winberg

Maxence Cyrin Smokebelch II Modern Rhapsodies F Communications 2005 satellite+Alex Winberg

Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto Trioon I Vrioon Raster-Noton 2002 satellite+Alex Winberg

Anne Garner Soft Eyes Be Life Slowcraft 2015 satellite+Alex Winberg

Thomas Köner Noise #1 Daikan Mille Plateaux 2002 satellite+Alex Winberg

Tetsu Inoue The night in Goa Organic Cloud Fax +49-69/450464 1995 satellite+Alex Winberg

Gustav Holst Saturn, the bringer of old age The Planets Marble Arch 1966 satellite+Alex Winberg

Gordon Hempton Ebb and Flow Ebb and flow Peter Roberts Production 1989 satellite+Alex Winberg

Keith Jarret The cure The cure ECM 1991 satellite+Alex Winberg

Savvas Ysatis & Taylor Deupree Listen to the morning sleeping The sleeping morning 12K 2007 satellite+Alex Winberg

Geir Jenssen Palung, a yak caravan is coming Cho Oyu 8201m Ash international 2006 satellite+Alex Winberg

Popol Vuh Bruder des Schattens, Söhne Des Lichts Bruder des Schattens, Söhne Des Lichts Brain 1978 satellite+Alex Winberg

Arandel In D#1 In D Infiné 2010 satellite+Alex Winberg

Thomas Köner Barcelona (Hour Twelve) La Barca Thomas Köner self-released 2009 satellite+Alex Winberg

Me.Mo Pro.A V/A Anthology of Chinese experimental music
2008 satellite+Alex Winberg

Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald Movement 1 Recomposed by Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald Deutsche Grammophon 2008 satellite+Alex Winberg

Gordon Hempton Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Peter Roberts Production 1990 satellite+Alex Winberg

Hans Zimmer Stay Interstellar OST WaterTower Music 2014 satellite+Alex Winberg

Murcof Cuerpo celeste Cosmos Leaf 2007 satellite+Alex Winberg

Qubism Under the gun Qubism 2294 em:t 1994 satellite+Alex Winberg

SETI beacon #8 Pharos Instinct Ambient 1995 satellite+Alex Winberg

C418 Mice on Venus Minecraft OST Ghostly International 2015 satellite+Alex Winberg

Brian Eno & the IceBreaker ensemble An ending (Ascent) II Apollo
2012 satellite+Alex Winberg

Pantha du Prince Saturn Strobe This Bliss Dial 2007 satellite+Alex Winberg