Atmosphere #727 02/07/2017 T(+S)

1 Syracuse & Epsilove Scubatomic Love V/A Dekmantel 10 Years Dekmantel 2017
2 Batu Nosema Marius EP Hessle Audio 2017
3 Aphex Twin N°3 London 03.06.17 Warp 2017
4 Brainwaltzera Oswald trace Outdives EP Analogical Force 2017
5 Si Begg Isometric Projection Blueprints Shitkatapult 2017
6 Lanark Artefax Hyphen To Splice Whities 011 EP Whities 2017
7 Laurel Halo Koinos Dust Hyperdub 2017
8 Ivy Lab Forex VIP Peninsula EP Critical 2017
9 Porter Ricks Shoal Beat Anguilla Electrica Tresor 2017
10 Philippe Hallais Feel (storm) An American Hero Modern Love 2017
11 Hexagon Cerebral Trauma Counter Utopia Shipwrec 2017
12 B12 Battle Deep Within BrokenBroken EP Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support 2017
13 Robert Hood Pneuma Paradygm Shift Dekmantel 2017
14 Ricardo Villalobos Empirical house Empirical house [a:rpia:r] 2017
15 W3C Xenotrak State Of Absolute Alienation Infinite Machine 2017
16 Cassegrain Vulpine Arcs-04 EP Arcing Seas 2017
17 Perc Spit Bitter music Perc Trax 2017
18 Surgeon Convenience Trap (Part 1) Convenience Trap EP Dynamic Tension 2017
19 Vatican Shadow Rubbish Of The Floodwaters Rubbish Of The Floodwaters EP Ostgut Ton 2017
20 William Basinski For David Robert Jones A Shadow in Time Temporary Residence Limited 2017

Maetrix Solutions Live Performance CDr
1999 satellite+friek recorder

Secede Hospital Requiem Follage Pathway Sending Orbs 2005 satellite+friek recorder

Lawrence Miller The Long Journey CDr
2007 satellite+friek recorder

Anokie Nonlinear Resonance In The Accretion Disk Of A Millisecond Pulsar CDr
2007 satellite+friek recorder

Kraftwerk Mitternacht Autobahn Philips 1974 satellite+friek recorder

Pauline Anna Strom The Unveiling Trans-Millenia Consort Ether Ship 1982 satellite+friek recorder

Kraftwerk Kometenmelodie I Autobahn Philips 1974 satellite+friek recorder

Armand Frydman Terminal Telecom Koka Media 1986 satellite+friek recorder

Tangerine Dream Ricochet I Ricochet Virgin 1975 satellite+friek recorder

Shackleton Father, You Have Left Me (with Ernesto Tomasini) Devotional Songs Honest Jon's 2016 satellite+friek recorder

William Thomson / Trevor Nightingale Cloud Formations V/A Atmospheric - Elements/Weather Chappell 1986 satellite+friek recorder

Jóhann Jóhannsson One Of Twelve Arrival (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Deutsche Grammophon 2016 satellite+friek recorder