Atmosphere #37 : 12/03/2000 samotham in the mix
  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Jeff Mills Preview Compil° Sonar 1999 Axis
1 David Caretta Electronic boogie Le catalogue électronique International Deejay Gigolos
2 Bigelow Indistinct Medecine Black EP Ozone
3 Oxia Smooth Body EP Goodlife
4 Bigelow Apparition Black EP Ozone
5 Maurizio M4 Tresor 7.5 EP Tresor
6 Theorem Ring Th1 Minus
7 Oxia Last test (Pt 1) Etat d'esprit EP Goodlife
8 Knarz Knarzfunk Knarzfunk ep Force inc. Music works
9 Mion Theme Salsabreak EP Music man
10 JB3 Arena "Arena" mixed by Joey Beltram STX records
11 Technasia Descent Themes from a neon city Technasia
12 Technasia In motion Motion EP Technasia
13 Aztec Mystic (=DJ Rolando) Knights of the jaguar Knights of the jaguar EP Underground Resistance
14 Surgeon Box Balance Tresor
15 Squarepusher Snake pass Selection sixteen Warp
16 Jeff Mills Detached Lifelike EP Music Man/Axis
17 Jeff Mills The bells Kat moda EP Millsart
18 Technasia Seismos Genesis Sino
19 Luke Slater Score one Freek funk Mute
20 Fumiya Tanaka Continuation Unknown possibility vol 1 Torema records
21 James Ruskin Indirect world Tresor 7.5 EP Tresor
22 Schizophrenia Schizophrenia Compil° Tresor 3 Tresor
23 Steve Reich Music for 18 musicians (Coldcut remix) ReichRemixed Nonesuch
24 Ken Ishii Kala Innerelements R&S