Atmosphere #40 : 02/04/2000 Derrick May
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  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Plaid Dangspot Restproof Clockwork Warp
1 Aphex Twin Didgeridoo (live in Cornwall 1990) Classics R&S
2 Juryman The Woven The Hill SSR
3 Clifford Gilberto Marvello Deliver the weird Ninja Tune
4 Squarepusher Two bass hit Budakhan Mindphone Warp
5 Bob Sinclar I feel for you i feel for you 12" Yellow
6 Mike 303 St Sylvestre Compil░ Versatile 98 Versatile
7 Durutti Column Hotel of the lake 1990 Obey the time Factory
8 Durutti Column Sanko Fidelity Crepuscule
9 Suicide Cheree Suicide Blast first/Mute
10 Suicide Mr Ray (live at CBGB's 1977) Suicide Blast first/Mute
11 Etant donnÚs Re-up (feat Alan Vega) Re-up  
12 Steve Stoll Nihon Beat box ep Proper N.Y.C.
13 Fumiya Tanaka Go up Move ep Torema records
14 JB3 The money EP number one STX records
15 Derrick May (aka Rythim is Rythim) Strings of Life Innovator Transmat
16 Derrick May Beyond the dance (the Cult mix) Innovator Transmat
17 Derrick May Nude photo Innovator Transmat
18 Derrick May mix 15' Mix-up vol 5 Sony
19 Derrick May Drama Innovator Transmat
20 Derrick May The end Innovator Transmat
21 Model 500 Incredible Mind & Body R&S
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