Atmosphere #41 : 9/04/2000 Without T
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  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Plaid Dangspot Restproof Clockwork Warp
1 Tipper Twister Critical Path Higher ground
2 Environmental Science Dat Gunslinger Brassic beats  vol'3 Skint
3 Mogwai Like Herod (Alec Empire remix) Kicking a dead pig Q eye
4 Stereolab Vs Thurston Moore   Root Lo Recordings
5 New Order Isolation (Live at Reading'98)   London
6 Merzbow Vs Autechre Ecobondage (Ae remix) Scumtron Blast first /Mute
7 Scorn Vs Autechre Falling (Ae remix) Ellipsis Scorn
8 People like us Muzzel of deceit (Gurge of tube mix) Occupied territories Staalplaat
9 Polygon window/AFX Quoth From surfing on a T-wave Warp
10 Johnny L Pipper Sawtooth Xl recordings
11 Goldie Deathofarockstar Saturnzreturn Metalheadz
12 Phunky Data City Exclusive track Sekence
13 Dj Hell Copa (Remixed by Ian Pooley) Copa  ep International gigolos
14 Barry Manilow Copacabana    
15 Dj Hell Copa Copa  ep International gigolos
16 Technasia Zephyr Genesis Sino
17 Technasia Future mix Future mix  ep Technasia
18 Jb3 Arena "Arena" mixed by Joey Beltram STX records
19 Technasia Descent Themes from a neon city Technasia
20 Kraftwerk Uranium Radio-activity Capitol
21 Joey Beltram Energy flash Classics R & S
22 Jeff Mills Global factor Lifelike Axis
23 Pan-sonic Loamittain A Blast first /Mute
24 Bola Forlesa 1 Soup Skam
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