Atmosphere #47 :28/05/2000 Different mixes
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  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Plaid Dangspot Restproof Clockwork Warp
1 Recoil Jezebel Liquid Mute
2 Depeche Mode Get the balance right Get the balance right Mute
3 Hot Lizard The theme (Carl Craig remix) DJ Kicks - Carl Craig Pacific
4 Dave Angel Airbourne (Carl Craig remix) Compil° This is… Techno Island
5 Art Ensemble Lonesome hill short take Compil° Lead with the bass club 2 La Baleine
6 DJ Food The crow… (dub) A dub plate of food vol. 2 Ninja Tune
7 Grooverider Rivers of congo Mysteries of funk Small
8 Purity Pheromone Bullets for words ep Tommy boy
9 Holy Ghost The jesus nut The Jesus nut Tresor 139
10 The Advent Journeyz Pt 1 Exit ep Kombination Research/Konsequent
11 Adam Beyer Warchild (Adam Beyer remix) face A Warchild (Adam Beyer remixes) Synewave
12 Heckmann & Gecko Out of mind Girls & cars 12" Wavescape
13 Leftfield Snakeblood B.O.F. The Beach Hard Hands
14 Afrika Bambaataa Mix 15' An electrofunkbreakdownmix  
15 Darren Price Mix 15' Soundage (Novamute mix) Novamute
16 Daniel Bell Mix 15' The button downmind of… Tresor