Atmosphere #49 : 11/06/2000 Mo'Wax
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  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Plaid Dangspot Restproof Clockwork Warp
1 St Germain So flute Tourist Blue Note
2 Rod Hatcher Stay away Compil° Now hears the future Kickin'/Slip'n'slide
3 Sun Palace Rude movements Compil° The loft Nuphonic
4 Boozoo Bajou Divers Lead with the bass club vol.2 Stereodeluxe
5 Pelon No Stunts Chain Reaction… Compiled Chain Reaction
6 Theorem Shift Th1 Minus
7 Diskordia Mala mazza Compil° Annex 3 Tresor
8 Slam Dark forces Headstates Soma
9 Heckmann & Gecko Girls & cars Girls & cars 12" Wavescape
10 Random/Noize (=Marco Carola) Quantitize Reset device Design
11 Unkle Unkle main title theme Psyence fiction Mo'Wax
12 Attica blues 3ree (a means to be) Blue Prints Mo'Wax
13 DJ Krush The nightmare of Ungah Strictly turntablized Mo'Wax
14 ??? #1 (André Agassi) Nike Sampler 1997 Mo'Wax
15 Quannum I changed my mind I changed my mind 12" Mo'Wax
16 Money Mark Ba ba ba boom Mark's keyboard repair Mo'Wax
17 Clubbed to death Kurayamino variation Compil° Faces Z Mo'Wax
18 As One Brown, blue, brown on blue Planetary folklore Mo'Wax
19 Andrea Parker Melodious thunk Melodious thunk CDS Mo'Wax
20 DJ Assault Disco guitar remix Belle Isle Tech Mo'Wax
21 Mark Broom mix 12' Compil° Excursions Mo'Wax
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