Atmosphere #51 : 02/07/2000 "Fifty one"
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  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Plaid Dangspot Restproof Clockwork Warp
1 Electronic Dark angel Raise the pressure Virgin
2 Ru Paul Snapshot (Vision & Lorimer disco tech') Snapshot ep  
3 We are back Bach Compil° Ethnic house music CBS
4 DJ Assault Pump on my lap Compil° Mayday save the robots Electrofunk records USA
5 Nine Inch Nails March of the pigs (clean version) March of the pigs ep  
6 Plone Plock For beginner piano Warp
7 Fab feat Mc N°6 The prisoneer (Freeman) The prisoneer ep  
8 Telex Twist ŕ St Tropez (Yasuharu Konishi remix) I don't like music SSR/Crammed
9 Palmskin productions Künstruk Künstruk Pussyfoot
10 Daddylonglegs Pony express Horse Pussyfoot
11 Gusgus Purple Polydistortion 4AD
12 Palmskin productions How to score in Vienna Künstruk Pussyfoot
13 Ultymate feat. Jacquee Bennet Vybe (Todd's rework mix) The button down mind of Daniel Bell Tresor
14 Envoy Sexdrive Where there's life Soma
15 Evil C & The Hustler Let the bass kick Rotor city EP Goodlife
16 Heckmann & Gecko Stoned free Girls & cars 12" Wavescape
17 DJ Hell For your love Munich machine V2
18 Destination Definition of love (G Flame & Mr G remix) Definition of love 12" In-tec records
19 Deetron Decipher language Alien entertainment EP In-tec records
20 Knarz Knarzfunk Knarzfunk 12" Force inc. Music
21 Umek Lanicor Kupec 001 Consumer recreation
22 Random/Noize (=Marco Carola) A syntax error Reset Device Design
23 Jeff Mills The Bells Kat Moda EP Purpose Maker
24 Zombie Nation Cars Compil° Sonar 2000 Gigolos
25 The Hacker Nebel Mélodies en sous-sol Goodlife
26 The Hacker Time & space Mélodies en sous-sol Goodlife
27 OXIA (feat The Hacker) Situation Body EP Goodlife
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