Atmosphere #730 17/09/2017 (T+S)

1 Mount Kimbie Audition Love What Survives Warp 2017

2 Patten Zoning Requiem EP Warp 2017

3 Mike Dunn Move It, Work It (MD vokal mixx) DJ Beat That Shhh EP Moreaboutmusic 2017

4 Cowboy Rhythmbox Tanz Exotique Tanz Exotique EP Phantasy Sound 2017

5 Charles Manier Truest coffer Luxus steroid abamita Bopside 2017

6 Untold Watton Res HEK029 EP Hemlock 2017

7 Spatial System I A Music Of Sound Systems Infrasonics 2017

8 Arovane & Hior Chronik We Just Scratched The Surface Into My Own A Strangely Isolated Place 2017

9 PTU A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day EP трип 2017

10 Biogen Forever Is Never Enough Halogen Continues трип 2017

11 Karen Gwyer Why Does Your Father Look so Nervous? Rembo Don't Be Afraid 2017

12 Weval Square People Weval Kompakt 2016

13 Palm Trax Honey Lemongina V/a Dekmantel 10 Years 04 EP Dekmantel 2017

14 Kettel Bootmens Alcasa EP Analogical Force 2017

15 Don't DJ Evolove Version- Hyperspace Is The Place, Hyperspace Is No Place EP EM 2017

16 Ligovskoï Cross (HBT Remix) Mana EP & remixes Dement3d 2017

17 DB1 Qube pt 2 Zwischenwelt Hidden Hawaii 2017

18 Vipra Lotteria jao Musica jao EP Presto! 2017

19 Caterina Barbieri Scratches On The Readable Surface Patterns Of Consciousness Important 2017

20 Konrad Sprenger Largo Stack Music PAN 2017

21 Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri Un Horizonte En Llamas La Equidistancia A Strangely Isolated Place 2017

22 Mika Vainio Secondhand Twilight Reat Elektro Music Department 2017

SPK The Agony Of The Plasma Leichenschrei Thermidor 1982 satellite+novem+euphonie nocturne

John Zorn Dreams Of The Red Chamber The Bribe Tzadik 1998 satellite+novem+euphonie nocturne recorded 1986

Zero Kama V.V.V.V.V. The Goatherd And The Beast Athanor 2001 satellite+novem+euphonie nocturne

Sielwolf & Nam-Khar Crypt Trap Oppressfield Sombre Soniks 2017 satellite+novem+euphonie nocturne

Blasfemonauta Esoterica A V/A Okkulth Magick Okkulth Magick 2008 satellite+novem+euphonie nocturne

The Tear Garden Splatterflick Eye Spy With My Little Eye Subconscious 2002 satellite+novem+euphonie nocturne

Strom Und Klang Der Zivilisation Laibach NSK / Nika 1999 satellite+novem+euphonie nocturne