Atmosphere #747 28/01/2018 S (+T)

1 Your Planet Is Next Youngman (original mix) Laid Back EP Studio Barnhus 2017

2 Persuasion Quatermass Quatermass EP Black Opal 2018

3 Meat Beat Manifesto Impossible Star Impossible Star Flexidisc 2018

4 Shiken Hanzo Jingasa Jingasa EP Shiken Hanzo self-released 2018

5 Max Loderbauer Artus Greyland EP Marionette 2017

6 Venetian Snares Eric and Kitty both die She Began To Cry Tears Of Blood Which Became Little Brick Houses When They Hit The Ground Venetian Snares Self-released 2018

7 Skymn Biker Scene Biker scene EP Hypnus 2017

8 Silver Apples Misty Mountain Silver Apples Kapp 1968 flashback+1968
9 Beaver & Krause Section 3 - Control Generators The Nonesuch Guide To Electronic Music Nonesuch 1968 flashback+1968
10 Delia Derbyshire Mattachin V/A BBC Radiophonic Workshop - BBC radiophonic music BBC radio enterprises 1968 flashback+1968 Réédition Rephlex/2003
11 Lothar and the Hand People It Comes On AnyHow Presenting Lothar and the Hand People Capitol 1968 flashback+1968
12 Fred Weinberg Keen machine The weinberg method of non-synthetic electronic rock Anvil 1968 flashback+1968
13 Ralph Lundsten & Leo Nilsson Feel [1968] Electronic music by Big Ben Phonogram 1990 flashback+1968
14 White Noise Here come the fleas An Electric Storm Island 1968 flashback+1968
15 Andrew Rudin Hybris Tragoedia Nonesuch 1968 flashback+1968
16 Paddy Kingsland The panel beaters V/A BBC Radiophonic Workshop - BBC radiophonic music BBC radio enterprises 1968 flashback+1968 Réédition Rephlex/2003
17 Christian Kleine -1/44 Electronic Music From The Lost World: 1998​-​2001 A Strangely Isolated Place 2018

18 Peder Mannerfelt First Day The 3D Printed Songbook Peder Mannerfelt 2018

19 Mort Garson The Killing of the Witch The Wozard Of Iz An Electronic Odyssey A&M 1968 flashback+1968
20 P. Willsher & K. Chesher Eye Of Horus Electroshake Music De Wolfe 1968 flashback+1968
21 Mel Powell Second Electronic Setting Music For Electronic & Older Instruments Composers Recordings Inc. 1968 flashback+1968
22 Francois Dufresne & Jean Baronnet U47 Images Fantastiques (Electronic Experimental Music) Limelight 1968 flashback+1968
23 Bülent Arel Mimiana I : Flux / 1968 Electronic Music 1960-1973 Sub Rosa 2017 flashback+1968
24 Juan Allende-Blin Sonorités V/a Étude Nr.1 ("Harmonies") Deutsche Grammophon 1968 flashback+1968
25 Hodge Beneath Two Moons Beneath Two Moons EP Berceuse Heroique 2018 flashback+1968
26 Nightmares On Wax Gotta Smile Shape The Future Warp 2018 flashback+1968

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Who I Am & Why I Am Where I Am The Kid Western Vinyl 2017 satellite+anagramme

Edanticonf Forest Echo (Iori Reshape) Forest Echo Silent Season 2012 satellite+anagramme

Oneohtrix Point Never Hospital Escape / Access-A-Ride Good Time (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Warp 2017 satellite+anagramme

Ascion Illusorium Channel #9 Deep Sound Channel 2016 satellite+anagramme

Mica Levi Delete Beach (Instrumental) Delete Beach DDS 2017 satellite+anagramme

Illuha 彩架 (Saika) Shizuku 12K 2011 satellite+anagramme

Warmth Manto Ash Rohs! Records 2015 satellite+anagramme

Cocteau Twins Lazy Calm Victorialand 4AD 1986 satellite+anagramme

Dj Koze Nymphe Und Schäfer V/a Pop Ambient 2008 Kompakt 2007 satellite+anagramme

Kangding Ray Palisades Automne Fold Raster-Noton 2008 satellite+anagramme

Phenomyna Travellor (Reprise) Unexplained Applied Rhythmic Technology 1994 satellite+anagramme