Atmosphere #756 01/04/2018 T(+S) Atmosphere a 19ans

1 Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code Pipe Natural control PRIVATE PERSONS 2018
2 Antemeridian Mercurn Ante meridiem EP The Bunker New York 2018
3 JK Flesh PI04.2 PI04 EP Pi Electronics-PI04 2018
4 Optic Nerve At Twilight Metal Images Puzzlebox 2004 focus+this is electro
5 Exzakt Escape Escape Redux Monotone 2010 focus+this is electro
6 Hadamard A Walk in the Park The Ass In Bass (Elektronische Werke Part 3) EP Solar One 2014 focus+this is electro
7 Japanese Telecom Nipponse Robots Japanese Telecom Intuit-Solar 1999 focus+this is electro
8 Aux 88 Extraterrestrial Time Travelers Mad Scientist Puzzlebox 2009 focus+this is electro
9 Sven Vath Schubdüse (Anthony Rother Mix) Schubdüse EP Virgin 1998 focus+this is electro
10 Kronos Device Hostile Lifeform Qube EP 2 Battle Trax 2005 focus+this is electro
11 SBLES3PLEX They Were There Before Stop Tv Control EP Djax-Up-Beats 2002 focus+this is electro
12 Dynarec In Your Hand (Exaltics Remix) in Your Hand EP Technorama Records 2016 focus+this is electro
13 Blair Sound Design Overheated Console Humidity EP Lobster Theremin 2018
14 Pilotwings, the Just Be (Ushuaia Mix) Pour faire pleurer les chômeurs EP Brothers From Different Mothers 2018
15 Sign Libra Teleopsis dalmanni Closer to the equator EP Antinote 2018
16 NHK yx Koyxen Parallel displacement Parallel tempo EP -ous 2018 tapis
17 Huerco S. Battery Tunnel HRCS-001 Huerco S. Self-released 2011 focus+huerco s.
18 Huerco S. Untitled 03 No Jack EP Wicked Bass 2012 focus+huerco s.
19 Huerco S. Hiromis theme Untitled EP Opal Tapes 2012 focus+huerco s.
20 Huerco S. Apheleia's Theme Apheleia's theme Future Times 2013 focus+huerco s.
21 Huerco S. Prinzif Colonial patterns Software 2013 focus+huerco s.
22 Royal Crown of Sweden Vänern R.E.G.A.L.I.E.R Proibito 2013 focus+huerco s.
23 Huerco S. Rushing To Paradise Railroad Blues EP Proibito 2015 focus+huerco s.
24 Huerco S. The Sacred Dance For Those of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) Proibito 2016 focus+huerco s.
25 Huerco S. QTT4-extrait Quiet Time Quiet Time tapes 2016 focus+huerco s.
26 Pendant OXI-GKK Make Me Know You Sweet West Mineral 2018 focus+huerco s.
27 Yugen Mist Ineffable EP Semantica 2018

Jean-Jacques Perrey & Pat Prilly Electro-Faune Moog Expressions Editions Montparnasse 2000 1972 satellite+friek recorder+172

Reagenz Shibuya Day Workshop 09.1 EP Workshop 2009 satellite+friek recorder+172

Future Sound Of London, The A Tiny Point Of Light feat. Dianne Harris A Tiny Point Of Light 2008 satellite+friek recorder+172

Gentle People, The Emotion Heater (Tiki Mix) Emotion Heater EP Rephlex 1996 satellite+friek recorder+172

Gong Percolations Gazeuse! Virgin 1973 satellite+friek recorder+172

Richard Vimal Les Litanies Des Animaux Cybernétiques Migrations Polydor 1978 satellite+friek recorder+172

Unknown Artist Whispers Chappell ? ? satellite+friek recorder+172

Future Sound Of London, The Fibrillation/Long Day Environments 4 2012 satellite+friek recorder+172

Ralph Lundsten And The Andromeda All Stars Horrorscope Alpha Ralpha Boulevard Harvest 1979 satellite+friek recorder+172

Ray Tracing Hold V/A Monster Music Irdial Discs 1994 satellite+friek recorder+172

Synthi A Dilation Of Time/Wave Length Ignition Of The Sun 2016 satellite+friek recorder+172

Zeebox Throwys Friend 1984-1987 (Vol. 3) 1986 satellite+friek recorder+172

user18081971 Modulart8 [spectralmodblur2] ? user18081971 self-released 2011? satellite+friek recorder+172

Daniel Pemberton Phoenix Bedroom Fax +49-69/450464 1994 satellite+friek recorder+172

Jurriaan Andriessen A.B.E.N.D. Hardware Software Park 1978 satellite+friek recorder+172

Chris Carter CCCL LepLoop Chemistry Lessons ? 2011? satellite+friek recorder+172

Demdike Stare Ishmael's Intent Elemental Modern Love 2012 satellite+friek recorder+172