Atmosphere #759 22/04/2018 S+T

1 Yotam Avni Modern Matters Perlude To Dybbuk Stroboscopic Artefacts 2018

2 KAS:ST Endless Exodus (Takaaki Itoh Remix) Cosmic Walkers EP Informa 2018

3 Delroy Edwards Rumba Rio Grande L.A. Club Resource 2018

4 Brother Nebula Parting infinity A brief history of lasers Legwork 2018

5 JK Flesh PI04.2 (Silent Servant Remix) PI04 EP Pi Electronics 2018

6 Translucent Light of dawn mix pt. 1 Momentary vision EP Jelly Jam 1989 focus+luke slater aka Luke slater
7 4 slots for bill Tooo Tooo EP Jelly Jam 1990 focus+luke slater aka Luke slater
8 Ken Ishii Extra (Luke Slater remix) Extra EP R & S 1995 focus+luke slater
9 Luke Slater Sea Serpent X-Tront Vol. 2 Peacefrog 1993 focus+luke slater
10 Planetary Assault Systems X Speaks to X Temporary Suspension Ostgut Ton 2009 focus+luke slater aka Luke slater
11 Planetary Assault Systems Mind you trip Atomic Funkster Peacefrog 2001 focus+luke slater aka Luke slater
12 Luke Slater Love Freek Funk NovaMute 1997 focus+luke slater
13 7th Plain Hectic Bag My Yellow Wise Rug General Production 1994 focus+luke slater
14 Planetary Assault Systems Max Arc Angel Ostgut Ton 2016 focus+luke slater aka Luke slater
15 Luke Slater Origin Freek Funk NovaMute 1997 focus+luke slater
16 Clementine Cryptic Symphony (Arrival) Cosmopolitan For The Cosmos Djax-Up-Beats 1993 focus+luke slater
17 Krispy Krouton Can you feel the sunshine Krispy Krouton EP2 Empire 1992 focus+luke slater aka Luke slater
18 Luke Slater Quad-Fonik X-tront vol 3 Peacefrog 1994 focus+luke slater
19 Morganistic Marbles Fluids Amniotic Input Neuron Musique 1994 focus+luke slater aka Alan Sage and Luke Slater
20 Planetary Assault Systems Twilight Planetary funk vol. 1 Peacefrog 1993 focus+luke slater
21 Planetary Assault Systems Booster Planetary funk vol. 4 Peacefrog 1994 focus+luke slater
22 L.B. Dub Corp It’s what you feel Take it down (in dub) EP Ostgut ton 2010 focus+luke slater
23 Roog Unit The Chains Mesh EP Mote-Evolver 2017 focus+luke slater aka Ashley Burchett and Luke Slater
24 Luke Slater I can complete you (boggled mix) Luke Slater and Mina 'Slut Smalls 9 EP Slut Smalls 2000 focus+luke slater
25 The 7th Plain To be surreal To Be Surreal EP General Production 1996 focus+luke slater
26 µ-Ziq Bassbins Challenge Me Foolish Planet Mu 2018