Atmosphere #766 17/06/2018 (S+T)

1 Surgeon The Primary Clear Light Luminosity device Dynamic Tension 2018
2 Mark Broom P3 Dank EP Proper Techno Tunes 2018
3 L.B. Dub Corp Edge 7 (feat. Aurelie Yung) Side Effects Mote-Evolver 2018
4 Kittin 1993 Eacid EP 1994 Eacid Zone 2018
5 The Hacker & Jensen Interceptor Industrial Drive Trigger Zone EP International Chrome 2018
6 Miss Kittin & The Hacker The Building Lost Tracks Vol. 2 EP Dark Entries 2018
7 Time Zone The Wildstyle The Wildstyle EP Celluloid 1983 classics
8 Frankie Bones Call It Techno (House Mix) Call It Techno EP Breaking Bones 1989 classics
9 Moodymann Dem Young Sconies Dem Young Sconies EP Planet E 1997 classics
10 Carl Craig At Les More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art Planet E 1997 classics
11 Kenny Larkin Q Azimuth Warp 1994 classics
12 Joey Beltram Life Force The Beltram Re-Releases 1989-1991 Trax 1994 classics
13 Radioactive Man Do The Radioactive Radioactive Man Rotters Golf Club 2001 classics
14 Andrea Remade Remade EP Ilian Tape 2018
15 Conforce Compulsion Zero point-field EP Bright Sounds 2018
16 Antonio Ruscito Trance 3017 Edit Select, Antonio Ruscito 'Invertion - Suicide Boy EP' Edit Select 2018
17 Stasis Artifax Stasis / Nuron ‘Likemind 01’ EP Likemind 1993 classics
18 Claro Intelecto Peace of mind (electrosoul) Section EP Ai 2003 classics
19 Rue East Remove Remove Liquid line EP Rewired 1997 classics
20 Baby Ford & the Ifach collective Bad friday Sacred machine Klang Elektronik 2001 classics
21 Curve Falling Tree AFX remix Falling Tree EP Anxious 1993 classics
22 Exaltics the Mother-Ship to solaris Invasion Transient Force 2008 classics
23 Planetary Assault Systems The return The electric funk machine Peacefrog 1997 classics
24 Boothroyd Jeep Pure Country Fnord Communications 2018
25 Bella Boo Magnolia Fire EP Studio Barnhus 2018

Neel 4G V/A Flowers From The Ashes: Contemporary Italian Electronic Music Stroboscopic Artefacts 2018 satellite+samotham

Yann Novak Casting Ourselves Back into the Past The Future Is a Forward Escape into the Past Touch 2018 satellite+samotham

Ryoji Ikeda Metal Music, op.5 (2016) I. Triangles (for duo) Eklekto - Music For Percussion The Vinyl Factory 2017 satellite+samotham

Félicia Atkinson Lighter Than Aluminium Coyotes Geographic north 2018 satellite+samotham

Arovane & Darren McClure Burrow Nest Darren McClure And Arovane Self-released 2017 satellite+samotham

Corporate Karma American Pharaoh PRESS07 Acting Press 2017 satellite+samotham

Brahim Yilmaz Untitled 02 The Tapestry of Their Marriage Was Woven With Violence Janushoved 2018 satellite+samotham

Dale Cornish Lliure Acotxador Anòmia-Elastic Floor 2018 satellite+samotham

Midori Takada Crossing Through the Looking Glass RCA 1983 satellite+samotham

Lair Meld (Rrose Distillation) LAIR EP Eotrax 2017 satellite+samotham

Lucrecia Dalt Atmospheres Touch Anticlines Rvng Intl. 2018 satellite+samotham

Meyers Granular Opportunities 2 Struggle Artist Shelter Press 2018 satellite+samotham

Raquin The unleavened bread Ariclone Janushoved 2018 satellite+samotham

Patricia Hardly Able To Do Anything V/A The Harvest of a Quiet Eye Opal Tapes 2018 satellite+samotham

Bochum welt La nuit Kissing a robot goodbye Device 2004 satellite+samotham