Atmosphere #58 : 15/10/2000 ?
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  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Plaid Dangspot Restproof Clockwork Warp
1 Kurtis Mantronik Bass machine re-tuned I sing the body electro Oxygen
2 Cabbage Boy Planet Genetically modified N-Tone
3 Dj Die On time Compil° Pure Sounds V rcds
4 Buscemi Angel of L.A Our girl in Havana Lowlands
5 Nightmares on Wax Extract Dj Kicks K7!
6 Slick Sixty Recliner classic Nibs & Nabs Mute
7 Receiver Mysterious Chicken milk Cup of tea
8 Trio Electrico Lunera Compil° Bassic Instinct vol'2 Stereo deluxe
9 Mala Rodriguez Yo marco el minuto (dive mix) Compil° Sonar 2000  
10 Thomas's tech'mix      
  C.Garette A2 Collected songs  ep Anmalyte
  TPH/WJH Worscht Weck Worscht Woi Delirium red
  Dj Gilbert Duluk T.L 603 Tri Lamb
  Umek Voltaren Contria  ep Compressed
  Michael Burkat Dark entries Dark entries  ep Phont music
11 Envoy Icarus'wings Where there's life… Soma
12 Silicone Soul Nosferatu A Soul thing Soma
13 Plastikman A side (feat Theorem/Plastikman…) PK  ep Minus
14 Higher Intelligence Agency / Biosphere Countdown to darkness Polar sequences Beyond
15 AFX Analog bubblebath Analog bubblebath TVT Records
16 DMX Krew Honey We are DMX Rephlex