Atmosphere #67 : 17/12/2000 S Vs T : free ride
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  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Plaid Dangspot Restproof Clockwork Warp
1 Space Magic fly  [ x 2]        Space         Virgin
2 Giorgio Moroder Firsthand exeprience in second handlove From here to eternity   Atlantic
3 Bodenstandig In rock 16 bit Maxi german rave blast hits 3 Rephlex
4 Dakar I wanna be your dog Are you really satisfied now? Disko B
5 Erasure Supernature BOF Dancing machine  Mute
6 Erasure Voulez-vous Abba-esque    Mute
7 Abba Gimme,Gimme,Gimme Greatest hits  vol'2   Vogue
8 Dj Schufflemaster Innervisions Compil° Tresor 7 Tresor
9 Telex Tour de France I don't like remixes 78-86 SSR/Crammed
10 Dj Assault Bis Bitch Belle isle tech Mo'Wax
11 Latino party Tequila single      Polydor
12 S xpress Hey music lover single      Rhythm king / Mute
13 Republica Ready to go single      BMG
14 Entomophonia Introduction 1 parti(Chants d'insectes) Entomophonia INRA
15 Yazoo Don't go single Mute
16 L'orchestre du splendid C'est c'la oui (edit) single    Trema
17 L.A Style James Brown is dead Ep          Hi-tension rcds
  extract '1,2,3 Soleil' (B.Blier)      
18 Manu le Malin Extract from Biomechanik 2 Level 2
19 Steve Reich Second movement The desert music Nonesuch
20 Kid Koala A night at the nuphonia Carpel tunnel syndrome Ninja tune
21 Inner City Do ya Ep          Six6
22 Franckie Knuckles Whadda u want from me Ep Sony
  Raoul Zarna "X-Rated" (work-s abstract)      
23 Al Ferox Shaved woman from outerspace (remix) Scream 004 Kobayashi
24 Dj Rush Swingin'da drums Swingin'da drums  ep Djax
25 Charles Schillings Hawai police d'état Serialement votre compil° Commando
Intro: Dire Straits "Money for nothing"      
26 Joy Division Warsaw Warsaw  ep        Factory
27 Primal Scream Swastika eyes (Chemical Brothers remix) XTMNTR          Creation
28 Ovuca Melpha (?) Lactavent album Rephlex
29 Björk Alarm call (Remixed by Mark Bell) Alarm call  ep One little indian
30 This Mortal Coil Song to the siren It'll end in tears 4AD
31 Chemical Brothers Song to the siren Exit planet dust   Astralwerks
  extrait 'Calmos' (B.Blier)      
32 Laurent Garnier Greed (Dave Clarke remix) Greed  ep Fcommunication
33 The Hacker Fadin'away (Heinrich Müller remix) Fadin'away  ep Good life
34 Darren Price Blueprints Under the flightpath    Mute
35 Underworld Cowgirl (Bedrock remix) Cowgirl  ep                V2 / Jbo
36 Luke Slater Body freefall... (Junior Cartier remix) Body freefall...ep Nova Mute
37 Christian Vogel Defence cloud Busca invisibles Tresor
38 Kraftwerk Airwaves Radio-activity        Capitol
  extrait 'Notre histoire' (B.Blier)      
39 Dead can dance Cantara Within the realm of a dying sun 4AD
40 Roni Size Who told you (Die & Size remix) Who told you  ep Mercury/Talking loud
41 Photek Infinity Terminus  ep Science
42 Mr Oizo Monophonic shit Analog worms attack Fcommunication
  extrait 'La femme de mon pote' (B.Blier)      
43 Stan Getz Vivo Sonhando (dreamer) Jazz samba Velux