Atmosphere #69 : 14/01/2000 New year departure
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  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Plaid Dangspot Restproof Clockwork Warp
1 Amadeus Tapioka Take 107 Les voyages à l'horizontale  
2 Château Flight Camping Jazz Puzzle Versatile
3 Thievery Corporation A guide for I & I Shadows of ourselves   ep 4AD
4 Dan Electro Down is the power Better  ep Roded gay
5 Izdatso Shade piano / Izdatso/La Baleine
6 Isolée Text Rest Playhouse/La Baleine
7 Pepe Braddock Life 6 millions pintades EP Altavisme
8 Elegia Sense of it (Madkatt Courtship remix) Sense of it EP F Com
9 Chemical Brothers Best part of breaking up Loops of fury   ep Astralwerks
10 New Order Regret (Fire Island mix) Regret   ep London
11 Depeche Mode Dangerous (Sensual mix) Personal Jesus   ep Mute
12 LFO Ultra schall Advance Warp
13 Bogdan Raczinski #6 Samurai math beats Rephlex
14 Cylob Stomping FM Lobster tracks Rephlex
  Tektomix :      
15 Andreas Kauffelt Spooky spoof Impetus EP Aural satisfaction
16 Savas Pascalidis The end Cosmic dancer Kurbel
17 The Hacker Fadin away (Oxia remix) Fadin away EP Goodlife
18 Oxia Check the M… Influence EP In Tec records
19 La Familia A1 Boras Armalyte
20 Johan Bacto vs Hardcell Phontein Audio special edition 2 Compressed
21 Man Train (=Marco Carola) Meteor Design 1=>5 Design
22 Gaetano Parisio A 5/10 Art records
  Atmos Live      
23 Daft Punk French kiss/Around the world/Midnight express Live at Sonar Festival June'97  
24 Jeff Mills Tango If Purpose Maker
25 Sweet scent of fear Preview EP Tomorrow
26 The bells Kat Moda EP Purpose Maker
  Zartomix :      
27 Tortoise Why we fight Why we fight Soul static sound
28 James Plotkin Forensics (for guitar) part one 15/16 Fat Cat
29 King Q4 DX 2   Clapping music
30 Gescom Keynell 1 Keynell Skam
31 James Plotkin Forensics (for guitar) part three 15/16 Fat Cat
32 Slicker Zead Confidence in duber Hefty records
33 AFX #6 CD1 Selected ambient works Warp
34 Magnetophone Didn't i blow your mind? I guess sometimes I need to be reminded of how much you love me 4AD
35 Aphex Twin Yellow Calx Richard D.James album Warp
x  & many more   Fat Cat/La Baleine/Warp*2/Hotair/Extreme/4AD
38 Aphex Twin Girl/boy song Richard D.James album Warp
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