Atmosphere #71 : 28/01/2001 From Detroit to nowhere
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  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Plaid Dangspot Restproof Clockwork Warp
1 Kevin Saunderson E-dancer Compil°:Detroit the true people KMS
2 Derrick May Wiggin' (remix) Compil°:Detroit the true people Transmat
3 Kenny Larkin Chasers Art of dance exhibits Substance
4 Model 500 Be brave Mind & body R & S
5 Mount Florid Space echoes Arrived phoenix Matador
6 Cinematic Orchestra Channel me suite (Tom Tyler remix) Remixes 98/2000 Ninja tune
7 Common ground Angles never fall in love No more heroes Ultimate dilemna
8 John Landis fans International klein blue Compil°:Sonar'2000 Cosmos
9 Astral Projection Still dreaming Trust in trance TIP
10 Technasia Future mix (Live I love techno 11/11/00) Future mix Technasia
  La Cover      
11 New order
Low life Factory
12 The Hacker A dream Mélodies en sous-sol Good life
13 Jeff Mills Earth Apollo EP Axis
14 Claude Young Dark 4 Darker places Djax
15 DJ Rolando Ascesion Knights of the jaguar UR
16 Labinsect Process dream Once upon a time Kurbel
17 Gaetano Parisio                              featuring James Plotkin A1 5/10 Art
18 Forensics (for guitar) part 2 15/16 Fat Cat
  Atmos live:      
19 Derrick May Mix extract 15' Mix-up vol'5 Sony japan
Remixosphere :      
20 Michael Jackson Billie Jean Thriller Epic
feat: Grand popo football club,Alec      
Bender, Radio turn over…      
Zartomix : elements from…      
21 Talvin Singh Traveller Ok Island
22 Madonna Substitute for love Ray of light Maverick
23 Plaid Milh Not for Threes Warp
24 Kraftwerk Antenna Radio-activity Capitol
25 New Order Elegia Low life Factory
26 Depeche mode Agent orange   /  Pimpf Music for the masses Mute
27 Amadeus Tapioka Eraserlynch Les voyages à l'horizontale  
28 Plastikman Hypokondriak  /  Pakard Artifakts Nova Mute
29 Thievery Corporation The foundation Sounds from the thievery hi-fi 4 AD
30 Cocteau Twins   Aikea-guinea   4AD
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