Atmosphere #74 : 18/02/2000 Eclectisme de rigueur!
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  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Plaid Dangspot Restproof Clockwork Warp
1 Olaf Hund Pêche-ananas Kitch-kitch Musiques hybrides
2 Olaf Hund Incomplétude (2ème pétale) I'm so blue flower 100mg   ep Musiques hybrides
3 Luke Vibert Flyover 95' 99' Planet Mu
4 Kid Spatula Nordy Full sunken breaks Planet Mu
5 Celluloid mata At bunkers ,,, Ant-zen
6 Micropoint Hate supply Anesthésie internationale Uwe
7 P.P. Roy The from ezpz You can't help liking… Rephlex
8 Ko-Wreck Technique Metro Dade (Plaid Remix) Ko-wrecktion EP Warp
9 Richard Devine loop face B Lipswitch Warp
10 Maddkatt Courtship Cosmic pop I know electrikboy FFRR
11 The Hacker Synsonic Cabaret futura EP Feis
  La cover :      
12 The Smiths There is a light that never goes out The Queen is dead Rough Trade
13 Schneider TM The light 3000    
  Le Thomix :      
14 Hungry Dave & Shifty Times out Spincycle Low pressings limited
15 The Hacker Classic revisited Cabaret futura EP Feis
16 The Horrorist One Night in NYC (F.E.O.S. remix) One Night in NYC Captivating sounds
17 Cristian Varela My way New electronic audio /Archtectures Primate
18 ??? A Pain 23 Torturred
19 Slam Positive education (Slam remix) Positive education réédition Soma
  Le official mix :      
20 Herbert extrait 15' Globus mix vol. 5 Tresor
  L'Atmosremix 2001 :      
21 The Miami's Vamos a la playa Vamos a la playa 45t RKM
  featuring :      
22 Merzbow Age of 369 part 2 Age of 369 / Le chant 2 Extreme
21 Gilbert Montagné Les sunlights des tropiques    
22 Savas Pascalidis The end Cosmic Dancer Kurbel
23 Richard Devine loop face B Lipswitch Warp
24 Snap Rythm is a dancer    
25 David Carretta Ca plane pour moi Le catalogue electronique International gigolos
26 Joe Dassin L'été indien    
27 Finzy Contini Cha cha cha    
Le Zartomix featuring :    
28 Dj Food   Experience in kool  vol'2  
29 Tintin On a marché sur la lune    
30 Plastikman   Artifakts Minus
31 Drexcyia   Hydro doorways Tresor
32 James Plotkin   Forensics (for guitar) Fat Cat
33 Oval   Systemisch Thrill Jockey
34 DJ Q   Twentyfourseven Filter
35 Boards of Canada   Music has the right to children Warp/Skam
36 Pole   Staedtizism Scape
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