Atmosphere #79 : 08/04/2001 All alone part two
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  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
1 Plaid Dangspot Restproof Clockwork Warp
2 Stock Hausen & Walkman #3 Oh my bag ! Hot Hair
3 Team Doyobi Bird strike / Skam
4 Stock Hausen & Walkman #1 Hairballs Hot Hair
5 Autechre Stop look listen Compil° WAP 100 Warp
6 Stock Hausen & Walkman #4 Hairballs Hot Hair
7 Kim Hiorthoy Politiska dikten atervander Hei Smalltown supersound
8 Takeshi Muto Ntag Swollen glances vol. 1 Schematic
9 Yuppster Green lens Simon EP  8Bitpeoples 
10 Richard Devine Untitled Compil° Ischemic folks Schematic
11 Jake Mandell The prince and the palm Love songs for machines Carpark
12 Anne Laplantine Live @ Oblique LU le 25/04/01  
13 Coil Something (Live @ Oblique LU le 25/04/01)    
14 Joey Beltram Energy flash Classics R&S
15 Joey Beltram Ogo The Beltram Re:Release 1989-1991 Trax
16 Joey Beltram The start it up The Beltram Re:Release 1989-1991 Trax
17 JB3 Back porch Close grind Novamute
18 JB3 Arena Arena STX
19 JB3 Money EP number one STX
  TektHomix :      
20 Kiko B Musicsupervision - l'extra lucide EP Symbol
21 Hustler Pornstar (aka Dima) You know… (Dark tech mix) You know… EP Step 2 house
22 Zzino vs Filterheadz Soliplex Corrador / Soliplex Traction / Headroom
23 Deetron Revisions Dolls for a diva Music Man
24 Deetron Decipher language Alien entertainment EP In-Tec
25 Fizzarum Microphorus Monochrome plural Domino
26 Magnetophone Grateful aren't we ? I guess sometimes I need to be reminded of how much you love me 4AD
27 Delarosa and Asora Uptone ad one Backsome EP Schematic
28 Savath+Savalas F ride+blues Folk songs for trains, trees and honey Hefty / Warp
29 Datach'i Memorandum Wearealwayswellthankyou Caipirinha
30 Mouse on Mars Distroia super Sonig fadeout Distroia Rough Trade
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