Atmosphere #81 : 22/04/2001 Back to school
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  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Plaid Dangspot Restproof Clockwork Warp
1 Dj Krush Candle chant Zen Sony Japan
2 Norman beats 110 remix Compil° Beat & breakfast Black tambour
3 Björk Aurora Vespertine One Little Indian
4 Pi'Ka Intimacy    
5 Marumari Searching for the Sasha wolf The wolves hollow Carpark
6 Kid 606 Whereweftoff-droolstring (Twerk remix) Twirl EP Force inc.
7 Leftfield Dub gussett (Maas remix) Ewan Pearson 'Small change' Soma
8 Funk D'Void Diabla Dos Soma
la cover :      
9 Soft Cell Tainted love Tainted love Phonogram
10 Coil Tainted love Scatology Some bizarre
Tek'tomix :      
11 Monika Kruse Wavez (G-Force dark mix) Waves G-Force reworks Terminal M
12 Stereo & Flash End of line End of line Confused
13 Gaetano Parisio B2 Chapter two Southsoul
14 Glenn Wilson Patent Acces point Wedafuqawi
15 William Keelan Tought control original Will E Tell Thought control Wet musik
16 Mr Sliff Powertoweri Jel Ford & Mr Sliff "opaque tracks" Jericho
  le live :      
17 Boards Of Canada Live @Warp 10th anniversary   Warp
  le America mix :      
18 Feat… Tanya Tucker/Mariachi/Inner City " hallelujah"/    
  Zartomix : Sounds From USA & Mexico trip    
19 Magnetophone   I guess sometimes I need to be reminded of how much you love me 4AD
20 Brian Eno Backwater Before and after science Virgin
21 Steve Reich Music for mallet instruments, voices and organ Work 3 Nonesuch
22 Björk Visur vatnsenda-vous Songs from the cold seas Sony
23 Marcus Lopez Organisation Noisy ? ?
24 Björk Aurora Vespertine One Little Indian
25 Team Doyobi   Team Doyobi Skam
26 Inner City Faith Praise Virgin
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