Atmosphere #84 : 13/05/2001 Invasion from above
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  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Plaid Dangspot Restproof Clockwork Warp
1 Herbert The audience Bodily functions !K7
2 Bacuzzi Sunday's child Flower lodge King syndrome
3 Ladytron Ladybird 604 Invicta hi-fi
4 Cosmodrome Number 2 in heaven Compil° French tour Technikart Goom
5 Autechre Eidetic casein Confield Warp
6 Fx Randomiz Gwengl   A.Musik
7 Retribution Wasteland britain (Lords of afford remix) Repetitive beats  ep Sabres of paradise
8 Two lone swordsmen Circulation Wap 100  compil° Warp
9 Radioactive man Sight & sound The Uranium  ep Ring Gulf Club
10 Klart Raver For shavers only  ep Ring Gulf Club
La Cover      
11 Zombie nation Kernkraft 400 Leischenmaus International gigolos
12 Miss Kittin & the Hacker Kernkraft 400 Live ? International gigolos
13 I-F Secret desire   Interdimensional transmissions
14 Technasia Peach flower Future mix Technasia
15 Derrick May Freestyle Innovator Transmat
16 The Hacker Other voices Mélodies en sous-sol Good life
17 (David Caretta) (Metal disco class) (Le catalogue électronique) (International gigolos)
18 Kooky scientist Old vs new Compil° Plus8 records Plus 8 /Nova mute
  Le Live      
19 Slam mix '20 Extract: Sonar 15/06/2000 Soma
20 Arab strap Last orders The red thread Chemikal underground
21 Farben Warshawjanka Hmm compil° Sprawl
22 Depeche mode Dream on (Remix by Kid 606) Dream on ep Mute
23 Extract from Jules & Jim      
24 Bola Soup Soup Skam
25 Puppy Jerusalem Hmm compil° Sprawl
26 Angelo Badalamenti Love theme from Twin Peaks Twin Peaks  BOF Warner