Atmosphere #85 : 20/05/2001 Strange stuff
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  Artiste / groupe Titre Extrait de Sorti sur
0 Plaid Dangspot Restproof Clockwork Warp
1 Les hommes Touched by the hand of Tenorio Compil° Boarding time Magix
2 Russ Gabriel Jelba Compil° Trip to Brazil 2 Rythmix
3 Speed Limit To you Compil° Belgrade coffee shop Magix
4 Potuznik Easy action Up north they are free Cheap
5 James Din Ein sommertag im Hallenbad Äppel eingesammelt, Bäumchen eingepflanzt Esel
6 Betrieb Teppichstudie Balthus EP Klang elektronik
7 Jake Mandell Magik circuits Love songs for machines Carpark
8 Swayzak Kensal pensing Himawari Medicine
9 2 banks of four Skylines over rooftops (Maas remix) Ewan Pearson 'Small change' Soma
10 Depeche Mode Dream on (Dave Clarke remix) Dream on ep Mute
11 Dj Tuttle RD2D2 Anlx 05 Anlx
La cover      
12 I-F Space invaders are smoking grass Fucking consumer Disko B
13 I-F Space invaders (Zombie Nation Cover) Space invaders are smoking grass Leaded
  TektHomix :      
14 Gayle San Antenna The Lab EP Primate
15 Michael Burkat Fight Closer EP Compressed
16 Tuttle Eg Decay Anlx 05 Anlx
17 Henrik B B2 Redollections Drumcode
18 Octad & Max-M Oni in the ghetto Flession EP Urban Mantra
19 Code and structure Bassment Travelling Eruptive
20 Slam Dark forces Dark forces Soma
  Official mix'      
21 Dominic Cappello Extract 15' Subversion 20/20 Vision
  Atmosremix 2001 :      
22 PulsarLab productions ???    
21 Daft Punk Veridis quo Discovery Daft Trax/Virgin
22 Kid Spatula Full sunken breaks Full sunken breaks Planet Mu
23 Ceephax Parallax drome Acid Quakers 1000 Lo recordings
24 Jega Motion_math Geometry Planet Mu
25 Laurent Garnier Communication from the lab Unreasonable behaviour Fcommunication
25 Kid 606 Flutter split EP w/ Christoph de Babalon Fat Cat
26 Kid 606 Caring is one thing split EP w/ Christoph de Babalon Fat Cat
27 Marumari I left my donut in the Dilithium Chamber The wolves hollow Carpark
28 Amadeus Tapioka (With Twin Peaks:D Lynch) Sofaplage ?